Thursday, May 04, 2017

DSP Synthesizers Introduces First Eurorack Module with Mini-Extended Keyboard?

via DSP Synthesizers

"This is the micro-TS synth built into a 14HP Eurorack module."

Check out that keyboard. Is this the first eurorack module with a mini-extended keyboard like that? There are others that are flat.

Update: It's interesting when you think about it. Why are knobs and switches the only controls that usually stick out of modules? Someone needs to make a rubber band controller between to points that extend out of the module. Guitar strings? What other sorts of controls can you think of that might be useful? We've seen metronomes and other mechanical modules from gieskes and bastl, but this is somewhat different. The focus here is in interacting with the module itself, rather than using the module to CV control other modules or gear. Just something to think about.

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