Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Modular Field Trip Ep. 03 - Valley Textures with Telharmonic, Mutable Instruments Rings and Clouds

Published on May 23, 2017 ann annie

"For today's field trip, Wilma took us to the Columbia Gorge for some sunrise atmospheres centered around the Clouds. I decided to fully commit to the modular world and found a beautiful case to fit the bill. Patch Notes below

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TEMPS UTILE - Providing generous clock, modulated by Dixie II in LFO mode.

CLOUDS - Processing Rings, modulated by dixie II and West Coast Random

RINGS - Processing Mother 32 in Sympathetic String mode

TELHARMONIC - Receiving pitch from Mother 32's KB output, sending "P" to Mother's ext. in and "H" to Rosie's Return input.

MOTHER 32 - Providing Modulation and Melodic Sequencing. Sequencer tempo is controlled by Temp's CH. 6 in Euclidean mode.

Strymon Blue Sky - Reverb

MXR Carbon Copy - Delay"

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