MATRIXSYNTH: Nucleo Synth (Virtual Analog Synthesizer) for the STM32F7 Nucleo-144 Board

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Nucleo Synth (Virtual Analog Synthesizer) for the STM32F7 Nucleo-144 Board

via the ST Community website, where you can find additional info including build instructions. This is a DIY synth by pappas.chris that uses a $23 STM32F7 Nucleo-144 Board.

About this project :
An expandable feature 6-voice virtual analog synthesizer using only one STM32F7 Nucleo-144 board.

Project info
Type : Built using one STM32F7 Nucleo-144 board, one stereo audio jack, and a USB-OTG to USB-A adapter.

Software Tools :
Keil uVision 5 (Free Evaluation Version)

I created this project to offer a low-cost alternative to creating analog synth sounds.

+++++++++++++++ Current specifications ++++++++++++++++++
* 6-voices of polyphony.
* Dual oscillator per voice.
* VCA (with ADSR) per voice.
* VCF (4-pole lowpass with ADSR) per voice.
* Master tuning.
* Waveform select saw/saw, saw/square, or square/square.
* Oscillator mix.
* De-tune.
* Separate LFO for Modulation and PWM.
* Scale for upper oscillators.
* PW/PWM on the square wave.
* Separate adjustable keyboard follow for ENV and VCF.
* Keyboard velocity routable to VCA and VCF.
* VCF envelope level.
* Editable parameters.
* Stereo simulation effect.
* Patch Load.
* Patch Save (Host only).

=============== Soon to be implemented =================.
* Oscillator hard-sync.
* Separate LFO for VCF/VCA.
* Triangle waveform
* Noise waveform"

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