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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dillon Bastan - Ecosystem MaxforLive Modular Synthesiser

Dillon Bastan - Ecosystem MaxforLive Modular Synthesiser - Demonstration from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.

"Ecosystem is both a Max for Live Instrument and Audio Effect (2 devices). Ecosystem provides you with 3 different types of modules: Sound generators, basic audio effects, and controllers. Modules can connect together, sending audio or control signals to each other. Within its environment you can create soundscapes, textures, experimental synthesizers/effects and looping. It is a semi-modular device, and may be used however you imagine!"

"The three categories of modules/organisms are:

Sound Generator: a collection of basic waveform oscillators and a looper

Sine, Tri, Saw, Rect, Noise, Buffer/Looper
Sound FX: a collection of signal processing effects (ie filter, delay, vocoder, etc)

Plus, Multiply, Filter, Drive, Delay, Vocoder, Envelope Follower, SaH, Monitor
Controllers: a collection of modules used strictly for control values (ie sequencer, envelope, etc)

Knob, Sequencer, MIDI Note, Envelope, Automation
Other Features

Connections (<= 10 per module) to various parameters per module mode Macro mapping for visibility in Live (for MIDI mapping, automations, Max for Live, etc) LCD interface for semi modular connections"

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