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Thursday, July 20, 2006

One Year Of Matrixsynth

The short version:

Today marks the one year anniversary of Matrixsynth. It's exactly one year and 3148 posts since I started this site to track everything synth. Thanks to everyone who makes this site great by either sending stuff in, posting in the comments or spreading the word.

The long version:
I started this blog because my old site simply wasn't cutting it anymore. I created the original site in October 1997 as my portal into the world of synths. I'd see an interesting site and add a link (BTW, the alias matrix and the green on black color scheme came well before The Matrix movies. My first and favorite synth was an Oberheim Matrix-6, hence matrix. I'm a synth geek not a Matrix movie geek).

As time when on I found it difficult to find stuff I previously came across. So... I figured what better way to store and make all of this available to others than via a blog. The idea is very simple. I sub to a bunch of lists, feeds and forums; people send me stuff, I interact with people and I see things I want to save for posterity. When I see something I think I might want to see again, I post it. No discrimination. BTW, if you haven't noticed, this site is not meant to be a journal or publication. It's just a bunch of stuff about synths. If you enjoy synths, I hope you enjoy what you see here. It's a heartbeat on what others also into synths are doing, or rather what I happen to come across on a daily basis. Nothing more, nothing less.

When I first started the blog I never would have guessed so much stuff was out there. People asked me if I thought I would ever run out of things to post. I actually wondered myself. The answer turned out to be only if others out there run out of things to share themselves. Which leads me to...


I want to say thank you to everyone out there who supports this blog. Anyone that has sent me something worth posting. Anyone that takes the time out to engage in the comments and of course everyone that reads this site and spreads the word. Thank you. It's actually crazy. I started the blog to track stuff only I came across. It's turned out to be a whole lot more. I never would have thought people would be enriching the site via the comments and letting me know when there was something else worthwhile posting. Thank you. BTW, you should notice that I frequently update my posts with comments and I always give credit when credit is due.

As a side note, at one point I offered to open up Matrixsynth for others to post but I got a resounding NO, so I created SYNTHWIRE for others to sign up and start posting. You can also promote your own stuff there, so use it!

Back on point. So, what next? Another year of posting. Thanks all, it has been one heck of a year.

Special thanks to moogulator of, Tom Whitwell of MusicThing, Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music, James Grahame of Retro Thing, Chris Randall of Analog Industries, Circuitmaster of GetLoFi, Carbon111, George Mattson, Brian Comnes, Dave (The Packrat), Dennis Verschoor, fmasseti, Loscha, Ross Healy, Steve Barbour of Gnostic Rocket, vlada of One Blue Monkey, deb7680 of Chroniques de la Mao, Rick of Electricmusicbox, Heath Finnie, DVDBorn, Mark Pulver, Doktor Future, Cikira, and of course Elhardt. ; ) You all contributed a little extra to the blog in your own way. Thanks for that.

And of course to the late great Bob Moog and all the synth manufacturers out there. Thank you.

And last but definitely not least, a HUGE thanks to my wife and daughter for tolerating the time and effort I put into this site on a daily basis. Thank You!

Update: I also want to thank Fernando Alves for making my favicon way back, and Paul and Brian Comnes for being the only two people that bought my matrixsynth shirt way back.

And of course, every person or site I've put up a post on. Thanks for having something worth posting about. ; )


  1. Please keep up the good "work" on Matrixsynth! I check your site 2x a day! THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. congrats, your blog is an asset to the synth world!

  3. I can't say how much I enjoy your blog and all the cool things you bring to our attention. And talk about updates!!!!!!! I used to think Music Thing was the bomb, but you my friend are the king of keys and all things synthy. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love the site. Thanks for keeping it going.

  5. Thank you !
    Thank you !
    Thank you !
    Merci !!! (in french)
    I just love to read your blog.
    I'm connected every day.
    Merci encore ! (in french again)

  6. Fantastic site Matrix, thanks for all the effort I know it's really appreciated by all who visit...
    cheers dude

  7. Hello Matrix,
    Thanks for your comments. Your blog is a very nice information agency of the synths...
    Chaque matin et chaque soir, c'est le premier blog que je consulte avant toute chose.
    Thanks again.

  8. Un grand bonjour à toi, "deb7680" !
    A part un français qui m'a écrit à propos du SMS 2000, je croyais être le seul gaulois à consulter ce blog, en tout cas à y écrire.
    Ce n'est pas toi qui m'a écrit par hasard ? De toute façon, bonne journée à toi.

  9. Re-bonjour "deb7680", laisse tomber ma question. Je sais maintenant que tu n'es pas celui qui m'a écrit.
    Mais ton CV est impressionnant.
    Et ton site sera sûrement impressionnant aussi quand tu l'auras terminé.
    Bonne continuation à toi.
    Et à bientôt peut-être...

  10. It's the only synth blog I read, and I can't read very well.

  11. You are a posting monster, and the synth world is much cooler thanks to your efforts.

    ps: Thanks Brian!

  12. This is one of the best sites ever. It's one of the few sites i never get tired of visiting. Where else can you learn about lots of weird and wonderful synths ?

  13. Assuming you are "married" to your blog then it's Happy Paper Anniversary ....and heck if you can make it to 3 years you get Leather....yesssss

    What I get from your site is a daly virtual satisfaction of the gear lust addiction craving really saves me a bunch of money

    Anyway , I'm flattered to be mentioned twice, glad to help's the first time I've become famous for a T-shirt back to my noise factory ...there has to be some music lurking in there somewhere


  14. happy birthday to Matrixsynth! Thanks for all your effort on the top synth website around. Visiting this place is an addiction... keep up the great work!

  15. Congrats Matrix! I visit Matrixsynth several times each day. Keep on doing what you're doing.

  16. Matrix + Music Thing Rule... keep it up chaps

  17. Three Cheers for Matrixsynth! Thanks for not banning me for inane comments. (not that you're the banning type)

  18. hey, thanks for it all..
    and I know that you blog was a blog before it was said it was a blog!! ;)


    go for a nice sms synth s.o.o.n <-- you all know this as waldorf users? huh ;)

  19. My daily stop on the interweb.
    Keep it Matrixsynth!

  20. Meant to say:
    Keep it up Matrixsynth!

  21. Thanks everyone. This means a lot to me. Almost as much as a new synth. ; ) Jk of course. Hmm... now that I think of it....

  22. Matrix you know you are THE BEST THING ABOUT THE INTERNET, I pop by every hour just to see if you ever sleep!
    I will be thinking of you tonight when I watch the EMS doco on TV :-P


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