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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Kinetic Sound Prism Demo?

Remember the Kinetic Sound Prism? Title link takes you to a 3.99M demo according to Elhardt. The question mark? Well Elhardt is the man who brought us the Bahn Sage, and is suspect number one on the SMS 2000, so...

"The following excerpt is a mp3 I recorded off of the Prism demo tape. As
can be heard, it's probably a better advertisement NOT to spend $30K on this
synth. It doesn't seem to be making any kinds of sounds that couldn't be
done on something like a Prophet-5, except that with the polyphony and
multitimbral capabilities, maybe it can be done without multitracking. And
by the time the Prism appeared, NED had added sampling to the Synclav, and
there was the Fairlight. Both with demo tapes that made you want to buy
them. If I can find somebody to host large MP3 files, I can record those
demo tapes too.

I should point out also, that bubble memory was not a useless or obsolete
technology. It maintains memory on power down without battery backup, just
as my Apple ][ bubble memory card has been doing for the past 25 years, and
might be able to do so even with an EMP from a nuclear bomb. Bub mem was
still being sold up into the 90's in the form of RAM Disc computer cards.
Maybe still is."


  1. "Elhardt . . . suspect number one on the SMS 2000" . . .
    well, perhaps you missed the pic 'synthfanKH' posted on 22 Oct.

    The Prism tape I'm not sure about. They only built one I think so it's a bit hard to prove. My suspicion is that it's Elhardt's own crap!

  2. Came across this by accident in a Google Search.

    I don't know what the problem is now. I put up an excerpt from the Prism demo tape. It's just that simple. From what I remember reading of Prism history, two units were built. One was sold and the other kept by Kinetic Sound. Obviously they had a working unit to make a demo tape, and I also saw one in person making similar sounds. I sent in a few bucks and got a demo tape and I also ordered a manual. I would imagine there were other people who also ordered a demo tape if you want confirmation.

    I can hardy see a point in faking a crappy demo tape and claiming it to be a Prism. All common sense is disappearing around here.


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