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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Vote for Moogy!!!

Update: Moogy jumped up to 626 votes! But... the dang chinchilla is up to 1218 as of this update. If you haven't voted, vote! It's easy, seriously. No logon, nothing. You just click her radio button and click submit below. That's it. Two seconds depending on how fast you click and scroll.

Remember Corkyburger's Moogy?

Title link takes you to the "Fuzzy Wuzzy Modo Contest: The Fuzzy Finalists on Gizmodo."

Go put in a vote for our little Moogy mascot! It'll only take two seconds and it would be pretty cool to see Moogy as the winner on Gizmodo. Synths are underated on Gizmodo so let's get one up there.

Do it, it'll make you feel good. : )

via Rick.

Update: I just voted and Moogy is in 2nd place currently at 261 votes to a bunny. The bunny is at 697 votes. Go out there and vote. We can't let a Synth cat lose to a Nintendo bunny with a stylus in its mouth!

Update via corky burger: "just listen to this groovy music that Moogy makes!" [link]

Come on people, vote for her! Moogy needs you!

Update: For anyone that actually cares, correction: it's a Chinchilla, not a bunny. There is a Chinchilla bunny, but this is actually a Chinchilla Chinchilla. ; )


  1. hey I voted...sheesh... the things I do ....I should be at the synth , not a kitty poll...but at least I feel good !!!

  2. Heh. Dang chinchilla is still winning!

  3. 784 vs 303 now vs 304...

    Man... it's quite distance

  4. Thanks for your support. I'd completely forgotten that I entered Moogy into this comp. Would be great if she won. She absolutely loves the modular, in fact she loves it a little too much sometimes. I've now closed that gap down so she can't do herself any harm climbing inside.

  5. just listen to this groovy music that Moogy makes!

  6. Groovy. Post updated. Hopefully they'll keep the voting open tomorrow and we'll get some more then. I sent an email to AH as well. I'm on a Moogy campaign! : )

  7. Actually they aren't listed in order of number of votes. The chinchilla is still wining. Put your votes in if you haven't already. I hit the HC, Gas Station and VSE forums. I have no idea if anyone will read the posts, but whatever, I'm having a little fun with this one. Now off to sleep! : )

  8. shit !
    I was too quick.
    maybe the electro-music forum will help ...

  9. Thanks sendling, I missed electro-music. I just saw your post. Man that chinchilla went up in votes, but so did Moogy. Moogy actually went up more as far as percent relative to the votes when this post went up.

  10. I posted my vote for Moogy (the sexyest to my point of view !!!) this morning.

    I suppose there is only one vote allowed per computer ?!?

    But with all of us Matrix fans ...
    Moogy should be the winner !!!

  11. another vote for moogy.

    but damn dood, a chinchilla? it's like some mad scientist mashed up the cutest animals into a little furball. better watch out for that bunny too.
    glad i'm not competing with a chinchilla in a cute contest.

  12. Moogy will get my vote.
    I think she belongs on catsynth, too ;)


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