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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Clavia Left Lead

"In a strategic move to strengthen its presence on the MI market, Clavia has today announced that it will start developing a serie of instruments aimed at the left handed musician. "We have realized that there are so many left handed musicians out there, that never have gotten the chance to properly explore the thrill of playing a keyboard."

"Guitars and microphones for left handed users have been readily available for ages. Sir Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, and the late Jimi Hendrix and Judy Garland are just a few of those who we feel have been totally neglected by keyboard manufacturers for far too long. We aim to make every one of our current products in a left oriented version, starting with the Nord Wave", says Clavias recently appointed division manager Mr Styrbjörn Babord. More information will be released shortly."

More info on the Clavia website.


  1. As a left handed person, I can't say I find these *jokes* too funny.

    But then again, the majority of people are right handed, so this must be hilarious.

  2. Yeah fischek, I was wondering about that. The first thought that came to mind when I saw it was exactly that.

  3. what about keyboards for the ambidextrous

  4. nice. tho I imagine there's gotta be a market for this.

  5. you know, being left handed sucks sometimes. the thing that annoys me the most is toilet flushers are always to be flushed on the left side. anyway, i probably would have bought that if it was real. if all else just to have a controller with the pitch and mod wheel on the right hand.

  6. I'm largely pretty odd :)

    When I was young I was ambidextrous - I used to write with my left hand on the left page, and my right hand on the right page.

    Over time I've settled on being left-handed for writing, but right-handed for everything else (tennis, drums, guitar etc).

    So basically, I'm pretty much down the middle, and settled on being left handed for writing for no particular reason.

    So while I regard myself as being left-handed (for artistic reasons), I'm pretty much down the middle.

    But the mod wheels are quite happy on the left side for me... :)

  7. They should put the knobs and the wheel and stick in the center of the Lead for lefties and righties.

    Oh well, maybe next April 1st! Or have I stumbled into a brilliant idea here;)



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