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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Korg i40M Interactive Music Synth & Arranger

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"The Korg i40M is a high quality synth tone unit and backing track style arranger with 16-track sequencer, It also has a Vocal/Guitar section, with dedicated multi-effects and a vocal harmonizer , and multi-effect units. You can also playback of Standard MIDI files direct from memory or disk. The sound generation is Korgs own AI2 synthesis with 320 factory sounds (including a full General MIDI soundset) plus 64 user-programmable programs. 15 keyboard sets including vocal & guitar input and processing. 2 megabytes of PCM waveform for the piano set in addition to the 12 megabytes for the standard library of voices.14 factory Drum Kits (plus two user kits).

128 high-quality ROM Styles split into 3 banks A+B+User. A RAM Style library (16 User RAM locations are ready for new Styles to be loaded via disk), including selections from pop, rock, jazz and ethnic music. Each style has 6 live switchable track sections. Backing section ie beat variations and fills, chord detection. Song composition, by means of the Backing Sequence feature, melodies and other parts can be recorded on eight additional tracks.

Factory preset MIDI settings to select to instantly connect Digital Pianos, MIDI Accordions, or MIDI Keyboards, midi guitars and sequencers. Lyrics in 8 formats including SMF. 2 multi-effect processors for many reverbs and 45 other effects. Direct-from-disk playback of SMFs (format 0 and 1). Additional effects processors for vocal and guitar processing, including a 4 part harmonizer when connecting a mic (own input). In Guitar mode, also features multi-effects, compression, distortion, chorusing reverb and amp simulations. At the rear are the usual phones – line in and line out sockets. Damper/pedal and midi in (dual in’s) /out/through and EC5 controller.

This unit has quite some complexity and I have only ever scratched the surface of its capabilities. Oh and it has built in effects. The i40m was introduced in 1999 and you can see from web reviews that it regularly scored 9.3 and above. (type in ‘korg i40m review’ or look on you tube), extra styles can be had from ebay etc."

I searched YouTube and found this:


YouTube via Axlejam. "the first"

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  1. I could never figure out how to make permanent changes to midi files. I always had to use something like Cakewalk on the laptop then transfer it to floppy disc then trasfer it to the I40m. There had to be an easier way, but I could never find it! Ha.



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