MATRIXSYNTH: Modular Casio SK-5 Bent by Oceanus, the Vince Clarke Machine

Monday, April 28, 2008

Modular Casio SK-5 Bent by Oceanus, the Vince Clarke Machine

YouTube via xd515. images via this auction
"in a modular design, with a intergrated Speak and Spell called the 'Vince Clarke Machine'.. not endorsed by Vince but totally capable of making erasure'esque sounds!

Over 100 man hours went into putting this beast together and it has many technical bends previously unheard on the SK, such as the spacial distorter the Auto bend ( as on my modular SK-1 but now syncronised to the internal clock signals ) and the ability to re-program the percussion patterns.

Sadly I can't show all the features in the 10 minutes youtube allow, It can also separate and solo any one of the 4 channels, has separate Percussion / Speak outputs, will sync the autobend to the address bus, you can switch of the internal highpass filters etc.

The Intergrated Speak and Spell has it's own LFO and I have a similar one here on youtube.

This machine may also be for sale for a sensible offer.. :-)

Some hi-res pictures and sound clips can be downloaded from here:


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