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Monday, July 14, 2008

Voice of Saturn Sequencer - Endif Style

"My build of the VoS sequencer.
Bought the PCB, had most of the parts already.

They also sell varying levels of kits, or prebuilt, so whatever your skill/interest level, a VoS is within reach.

Instead of pots and knobs I used some sliders I had lying around. Upgraded the LEDs to some big fat obnoxious blue ones I'd been using for throwies and such. Case used to house the firing controls to an MX missile.

Face plate is 1/8 inch aluminum stock from some Amazon seller. Small Parts I think. Anyway. Laid it out on the back side, drilled out the pilot holes with a 2mm bit, then went larger as needed. Filed down all the rough edges, then sanded it all down til it was 1200 grit smooth and gave it 3 coats of glossy clear coat. Looks nice.

Used a router attachment on my Dremel to do the slider holes. They're rough, but they work. Cleaned them up with some files. Next time I do it on a sub-plate and just cut one big hole. Pots and knobs are soo much easier. =P

Mounted the PCB to the face plate with 1 inch standoffs. Battery holder wound up on the plate too. I went so far as to drill holes for them on the bottom of the case, then realized that this would *suck* when it came time to change out the batteries, or whatever. Bad idea. Definitely mount to faceplate.

The build went smooth, everything worked correctly except, predictably, the sliders. I had never worked with sliders before, and didnt have any docs on these, so I winged it. First try was wrong. Second try was closer. Third try was correct. Sliders are much more intuitive than knobs. Linear.

Next step is to label this thing. I can't keep referring to my chart. =/ Maybe I'll hand paint it.

So, the video.

Sawtooth is from the Blacet VCO. Meaty little bastard. Filter is the Harvestman Polivoks clone. Nasty, unpredictable, awesome. Envelope generator is another Blacet. Rest is explained in the vid.

Anyway, here's 2 minutes of me messing around with it.
Enjoy. =]

Oh, and if you want to hear the project this will be used with, check out my work at



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