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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Voice Of Saturn Kit Synth & Unfinished Sequencer Kit

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via this auction

"The synth seems complete and does make sound but not sure if it is working 100% as designed.

The sequencer still needs wiring.

Both are missing some screws.

Schematics can be found online but I should have them saved and will print off and include in the box."

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Voice of Saturn - Swimming

Published on Oct 1, 2019 Travis Thatcher

"Voice of Saturn live performance 9.28.19 at The Bridge PAI, Charlottesville, VA. Video and audio by Voice of

signal chains:
Farfisa Syntorchestra -> Boss RPS-10 -> Proco Brat -> ADA Flanger ->Eventide H9
Guitar -> EHX Bass Micro Synth -> vos freq fuzz -> EHX Stereo Memory Man

Travis Thatcher worked with Scott Driscoll of Curious Inventor on the original Voice of Saturn kits.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Music From Outer Space - MFOS - Soundlab Ultimate w/ Expanders and Voice of Saturn

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via this auction

"This is a custom built modular synthesizer comprised of the MFOS Soundlab Ultimate and two identical Soundlab Expanders. The case itself was made from old bleachers from the school the builder worked at (who is one of the recommended builders on the MFOS website if you didn't feel up to the DIY challenge). The main synth voice is normalized but can be repatched. The patch points are an interesting combination of banana jacks and 1/4" jacks. There is a passive multiple box included that convert 1/4" and banana cables in either direction.
The bottom of the unit was also signed and dated by Ray Wilson when it was sent in to have the envelope generators response curve tweaked (I believe to make them snappier)

Soundlab Ultimate Features
3 VCOs with Square and Saw Waveforms
Noise Source
External Input
5 Channel Mixer
Analog Lowpass Filter
Analog VCA
Attack and Decay Envelope Generator
Sample & Hold Circuit
Gate Repeater
2 LFOs with Square, Rising Saw, Triangle, Falling Saw Waveforms, and Low and High Rate Ranges
4 Attenuators
Soundlab Expander Features (per each side)
Attack Decay Sustain Release Envelope Generator
Analog Multimode Filter w/ Lowpass, Highpass, and Bandpass
Analog VCA
Ring Modulator (Analog Multiplier)
Signal Booster
Envelope Follower
CV Inverter
4 Channel Mixer

Also included are a bunch of banana cables (some stackable, some not) 3pin cables to link the power from the main Soundlab to the 2 Expanders, and a separately built project Voice of Saturn drone synth. The Voice of Saturn does work but is a little finicky, and seems to need some calibration as the ranges on the controls are very narrow. But it will be an interesting add-on to this system giving you 2 extra VCOs and 1 LFO."

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Voice of Saturn Synthesizer MK II Prototype

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via this auction

"Selling one of the prototype boxes i made with the Voice of Saturn Synth MK II circuit. It features 3 audio rate oscillators, 3 LFOs and a VCF. The LFOs can be patched to either the VCF cutoff control or to the CV inputs of any oscillator to provide a gating type effect. The filter is a really gnarly low pass that will distort wonderfully when you crank the resonance. There is a 1/4" input to the filter (experimental) for processing external sources. This is a great drone box or you can ping the filter with an external gate or one of the LFOs for some interesting percussion sounds. Ships with 3 banana cables and power adapter."

You can find the video in the listing posted here.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Stoplight Spaceout by LavLab

Published on Apr 23, 2017 HostileSlothRecords

"Experimental eurorack modular synthesizer session

Key Gear Used:
Qu-Bit Nebulae sampler,
Voice of Saturn analog synth,
Waldorf nw1 wavetable synth,
Tip-Top Audio BD808 kick drum,
Doepfer sequencer & white noise,
Make Noise Wogglebug modulation, clock & ring mod,
Synthrotek delay
Electro Harminix Memory Boy delay

Sounds, Manipulations & Video by LavLab
Filmed with Nikon DSLR"

Friday, September 09, 2016

Voice of Saturn Synthesizer mk II

Published on Sep 9, 2016 Travis Thatcher

"Prototype test"

Saturday, July 02, 2016

MIDI CC1 - 0Coast-Xkeyair-VMeter

Published on Jul 2, 2016 António Machado

"Power of MIDI CC1?"

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 Box 4 Sequencer Pack w/ Minibrute

Published on Oct 14, 2015 alternatingbitmusic

"Forever configurable Box 4 MU modular. This round, the Voice of Saturn 10-step analog sequencer and the Dotcom Q171 quantizer."

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Noise Rack Diary #07: Benjoladik Love #TTNM

Published on Dec 18, 2014 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Got some Ladik modules, including the new 8HP S-030 Clockworks4.

The Benjolin clocks the Ladik S-030, which then triggers other sounds. No patch diagram this time though ... I'm sorry! :(

Benjolin Explanation & Demo Video: [here]

Here's the Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Case on ModularGrid:

Gear used in this video:
- Klangbau Köln / Rob Hordijk Benjolin
- Klangbau Köln XR-VCO
- Klangbau Köln State Variable qVCF Filter
- Klangbau Köln Röhren VCA (Tube Amplifier)
- Klangbau Köln Low-Noise Spring Reverb
- Ladik S-030 Clockworks4 Variable Gate Length Clock Divider
- Ladik C-030 AD/AR Envelope Generator
- Ladik A-012 Dual lin VCA
- Manhattan Analog mix
- Doepfer A-138 Exp Mixer
- The Voice of Saturn VCF Low Pass Filter

Audio recorded on a Zoom R16. Filmed with a Canon EOS 550D (Rebel t2i)."

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

patchable "modular" noise synth with noise swash and volca beats

Published on Jun 24, 2014 NoizeHack·54 videos

"I just finished the last set of modules in my patchable modular noise synth. It isn't exactly modular, since they are all in one panel, but there is no normaling or any pre-routing, it all has to be done with patch cables, note the multicolor cable spaghetti. I am also using the kick drum on a volca beats drum machine, and some distortion from a noise swash, as well as a joystick controller that sends out control voltages. I made everything except the volca beats.

The synth has two voice of saturn synths, two 555 vcos with amplitude modulation and sync, and four attack decay generators with a looping function.


lfo out from voice of saturn synth to sync in on volca beats

drone sound: voice of saturn synth with an attack decay generator modulating the frequency of its second oscillator. the AD generator is triggered by the LFO in the V.O.S., which is sometimes synched to the other V.O.S. LFO, which is the driving the drum machine.

beating thumpy sound:
two 555 VCOs, both with amplitude controlled by the joystick, one the x axis, the other the y axis. The first VCO gets frequency modulation from an AD generator that is triggered by the LFO that is clocking the volca beats, this VCO goes into the CV in on the noise swash. The second VCO has two looping AD generators modulating its frequency, and is synched to the V.O.S. synth that is not used for the drone sound. This VCO goes into the input of the noise swash."

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

thomas white triple lpg meets synthrotek voice of saturn

Published on Jun 17, 2014 caleb condit·67 videos

"this is a row of modules I just finished up soldering together and decided it was time to jam.
it's modular+akai ax-60+volca beats
also the akai at the end got run through a megaohm audio ma20 korg style filter with modulation as I was getting a bit of a feedback/ground hum and it took out the high frequency noise quite nicely and added in it's own little bit of white noise from the gain stage."

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Caleb Condit MU Voice of Saturn Analog Voltage Sequencer Kit by Synthrotek

These are expected to be available in the next week. The design is by Travis Thatcher aka Curious Inventor of Voice of Saturn and the panels are by Caleb Condit. They will be available at both Synthcube and Synthrotek.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stuttering OR

Stuttering OR from Peter Speer on Vimeo.

"A rhythmic patch centered around the Make Noise Wogglebug, Function, Maths (2013) and Pressure Points modules, the Voice of Saturn sequencer and the 4MS SCM.

The NanoKontrol is muting and un-muting the patch's four voices (via Reaper)."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Poly Eurorack Jam (MicroBrute, Eurorack, MPC 1000, DRM1, Zoom R16, JV-1010, etc.)

Published on Feb 11, 2014 The Tuesday Night Machines·79 videos

"No time to tidy up! The new setup is almost complete! Polyphonic Eurorack sounds, Zoom R16 recorder and a Microbrute! Subscribe:

Questions or comments? Go ahead and post them below! :) Thanks for watching!


Gear used in this video:
- Eurorack Modular Synthesizer (with Vermona qMi, MFB OSC02, Sound of Shadows, Plague Bearer, Ataraxic Translatron, Voice of Saturn VCF, etc. see:
- Arturia Microbrute (analog synth)
- Roland JV-1010 (ROMpler)
- Vermona DRM-1 mkIII (drum synth)
- Akai MPC 1000 (sequencer)
- Zoom R16 (recording & mastering)

Filmed with a Canon EOS 550D (Rebel t2i)."

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Augmented Reality BreadBoard circuit building guide

Published on Nov 5, 2013 CuriousInventor·57 videos

" Augmented Reality app provides walk-though build instructions, part and net information overlays on real circuit."

Friday, October 18, 2013


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via this auction

"The Voice of Saturn Filter is a Voltage Controlled low-pass filter based around a CEM 3372 IC. It accepts two inputs that have independent VCA's as well as a final output VCA. Both cutoff and resonance are voltage controllable.

CEM3372 filter IC (4-pole resonant low-pass filter) is the same chips found in the filters of such analog classics as the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Prophet T8 and Oberheim Xpander. One very cool feature of the CEM series filter chips is that as the resonance is turned up, the volume level does not drop as dramatically (as it does in other analogs, including the famous Moog Ladder Filter)"

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cosmorama - making off

Published on Oct 9, 2013 synthcamp·5 videos

Saturday, September 07, 2013


Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

"Built from kit into an aluminum faceplate, mounted in a military surplus fiberglass case originally used for the launch mechanism for an MX missile.

Ten step stand alone CV and trigger sequencer with defeats on each step, clock in and out, internal clock or external sync, summed and individual outputs.

Fader/slider potentiometers instead of knobs allow for a better ergonomic and visual experience.

Large ultrabright blue LEDs are both visual aid and awesome light show.

Deep lid allows patch cables and other items to be stored in-patch if desired. Just open case and plug into synths.

Lid when open is perfect for perching, say, an Oberheim SEMpro, which is how I mostly used it.

Works great with all standard modular synth formats: eurorack, frac, motm, dotcom, etc.
Anything with CV, for the most part.

Runs on 9v batteries.

Demonstration video here: [see this post]

VOS product website here

The stock version kit is $175 unbuilt.
This is built and completely unique with multiple improvements."

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Voice of Saturn Sequencer - Endif Style

Uploaded on Jul 12, 2008 cephal0p0d·59 videos
One more video featuring the Voice of Saturn Sequencer sequencing the MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate.

"My build of the VoS sequencer.
Bought the PCB, had most of the parts already.

They also sell varying levels of kits, or prebuilt, so whatever your skill/interest level, a VoS is within reach.

Instead of pots and knobs I used some sliders I had lying around. Upgraded the LEDs to some big fat obnoxious blue ones I'd been using for throwies and such. Case used to house the firing controls to an MX missile.

Face plate is 1/8 inch aluminum stock from some Amazon seller. Small Parts I think. Anyway. Laid it out on the back side, drilled out the pilot holes with a 2mm bit, then went larger as needed. Filed down all the rough edges, then sanded it all down til it was 1200 grit smooth and gave it 3 coats of glossy clear coat. Looks nice.

Used a router attachment on my Dremel to do the slider holes. They're rough, but they work. Cleaned them up with some files. Next time I do it on a sub-plate and just cut one big hole. Pots and knobs are soo much easier. =P

Mounted the PCB to the face plate with 1 inch standoffs. Battery holder wound up on the plate too. I went so far as to drill holes for them on the bottom of the case, then realized that this would *suck* when it came time to change out the batteries, or whatever. Bad idea. Definitely mount to faceplate.

The build went smooth, everything worked correctly except, predictably, the sliders. I had never worked with sliders before, and didnt have any docs on these, so I winged it. First try was wrong. Second try was closer. Third try was correct. Sliders are much more intuitive than knobs. Linear.

Next step is to label this thing. I can't keep referring to my chart. =/ Maybe I'll hand paint it.

So, the video.

Sawtooth is from the Blacet VCO. Meaty little bastard. Filter is the Harvestman Polivoks clone. Nasty, unpredictable, awesome. Envelope generator is another Blacet. Rest is explained in the vid.

Anyway, here's 2 minutes of me messing around with it.
Enjoy. =]

Oh, and if you want to hear the project this will be used with, check out my work at



via Jason Hollis on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge

MFOS sound lab Ultimate first run
Published on May 7, 2013 cephal0p0d·59 videos

"Voice of Saturn Sequencer controlling newly obtained Music From Outer Space Ultimate Soundlab. I've since put nice black chickenhead knobs on, easy to tell position in any conditions."

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

▓▒░ VMeter Pitch Bend Speed Fun with Native Instruments Reaktor Synths ░▒▓

Published on Apr 23, 2013 Torley·897 videos

VMeter ( + Native Instruments Komplete 9 (


VMeter™ is a USB MIDI touch strip that provides nuanced musical control and visualization for DJs and other laptop musicians.

Blue LEDs react to volume, touch or MIDI. The versatile touch strip is actually several controllers in one, giving you new ways to "play" effects and tracks.


KOMPLETE 9 delivers 33 full-fledged instruments and effects, 12,000 inspiring sounds and over 120 GB of premium samples.

Now including MONARK monosynth, BATTERY 4 drum sampler, the enormous sound of THE GIANT, and the ultra-playable SESSION STRINGS. Plus all-time classics like KONTAKT 5, REAKTOR 5, GUITAR RIG 5 PRO, the mighty MASSIVE, FM8, and ABSYNTH 5.

With the updated SOLID MIX SERIES, this bundle delivers complete instrument and effect solutions for any production task -- guaranteed to supercharge your creativity."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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