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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Custom Printed Moog Stickers and a Polymoog Case

via Elhardt on AH:
"Since I'm going to be parting out my Polymoog, I figured my lid which is in almost new condition might be something somebody would want to buy to make their Polymoog look new. However, since day one that back Moog sticker was all scraped up (this was Moog's NAMM demo) making that part not look new.

So I spent several hours in Corel Draw, measuring and drawing up a new Polymoog sticker to replace the one there. Since the print shop has a minimum order cost, I had to print a bunch of extras including different sizes and colors, plus I went with the additional high-gloss laminated coating over the top which looks beautiful. Printed on Orajet vinyl stickers. So if anybody needs Moog stickers to replace damaged or missing ones on either a Polymoog, the back of a Multimoog or to replace the missing plastic logo on the front of a Multimoog, or if you just want a Moog bumper sticker, or to put Moog stickers on other manufacturer's gear to increase its value to Moog vintage prices, or for any other reason, then here's pricing and sticker details below. Note, if for some reason there's more of a demand than I expected, I can always have more printed up, including other sizes too, and even possibly with user requested text put right in the sticker, such as your name, synth SN#, etc.

Minimum order $6 Paypal, free mailing to US (and probably free to Canada and
Europe assuming mailing a letter isn't outrageous)

(1) $6, Polymoog Sticker 7" x 2-3/8" with the rounded rectangle around the edge. I have several in black, and one each in the colors at picture below. (2) $6, Polymoog Sized Sticker but without the white rectagular boarder. White logo, black backgrount. Looks stately without being pretentious.
(3) $4, Multimoog Back Side Sticker, Moog text is 4-3/16". Black background, White logo.
(4) $2, Multimoog Front Logo Plate Sticker Replacement, Moog text is 2-1/2" wide. Black background, White logo.

If your interested in purchasing, email me what you want so I can see if I still have any left.


Update: If you are interested you can contact elhardt, same name at


  1. Hi Eldhart, please let me know if you still have any. I have several Moogs, but would like to put one in each of my Minis. E-mail is:

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Hey Eldhart,

    If you have any more of the MultiMoog Front logo stickers, I would be EXTREMELY happy to buy one from you. I have a MicroMoog that's missing the front decal. Judging by pics the Multi & Micro had the same size decal.
    Please LMK.


  3. Hi there! Do you still have any of these logos left? email me at Thanks!



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