Monday, June 22, 2009

KORG DS10 DSi Version?

via Tony:
"I’ve just had a look at the AQ interactive site, as I was wondering if there was any prospect of the Korg DS-10 being developed further.

Although there is only a single picture (I can’t find a link beyond this point), It’s noticeable that it’s running on the new DSi model and the screen on display isn’t one that’s part of the original program; or at least that’s one I’m not familiar with?"

It looks like the Song screen with labels for the parts. I can't seem to find this exact screen myself. Anyone with a DS10 out there that can confirm either way?


  1. Looks like a new version, the song screen looks like it is showing 2 instances running, and is displaying a mute button, but also on the lower screen there is a new button on the right at the top next to the screen swap button.

  2. That just looks like the song mode screen to me... regular DS-10 runs on DSi...

  3. XC3N, can you verify the labels on yours? In song mode, I do not have the labels. Curious how to get to them if you do.

  4. Definately looks like a new version to me. Everything Daren says is true, they seem to have added more contols over the song mode allowing you to mute parts of patterns at certain parts within a song. Can't wait to see what other tweaks they've made. I really hope it is running as a multitimbral version of Ds-10. I'd probably buy a Dsi for that! Cheers.

  5. Its a track mute screen. It looks like it would run in conjunction with the normal song mode screen, so for example you could have pattern1 for 4 bars, first 2 bars have the synths muted, then unmuted in the second 2. This would be great because its impossible to mute tracks while in song mode at the moment, the only alternatives is to make copies of the same patterns then delete the parts you want muted (wastes a pattern space) or don't use song mode and do the mutes and pattern changes manually (can get unweildy).

  6. Looks different to me. Hope they follow through, and hope they include a sixth "outside" track (music, voice, etc.) It's not clear where user suggestions can be sent.



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