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New KORG microSAMPLER, SV-1 Stage Piano, and WAVEDRUM WD-X

This one sent my way via Calvin. Rock oN has a post up in Japanese on three new products from KORG, the microSAMPLER pictured to the left, the SV-1 Stage Piano, and a new WAVEDRUM WD-X. Below are some excerpts translated from Google. You can find the full article in Googlish here.

On the microSAMPLER:
"Last widely popular with beginner to professional sound from a compact and full-fledged micro series "microSAMPLER" is. Sampler of today's street name is not an extension of a drum machine with PAD, KORG keyboard has dared to challenge! PAD to get a limited number of voices on the music really does, it is more a practical clarity even when the keyboard attached is true to scale.

MicroSAMPLER This has been especially created with an emphasis on live performance and recording rather than just ask Shiremasu 1.9kg height of its mobility from where weight and battery that can be. Had pressed the wrong button during a live form it is placed in the sink and cabinet knobs and buttons, that can prevent any problems.

Beat Box crew performance demonstration development Shibuya, BEATSICK.JP was done by two people. Humanly and I do not think the storm of the Human Beat Box呑Mimashita breath venue. microSAMPLER presets are quite enjoy the original sound because it contains two of you for this!

Rotary knob to select the five types of sampling Sampling mode simply press the button! If we could use it without resistance to both novice samplers. This sampling mode is unique, especially as it may KEY GATE mode and press the keyboard that you want to assign Rec sampling as soon as you can! AUTO NEXT can also be sampled in real time mode to overwrite you've locked in the sequence before. These features are such as to stimulate the production Kurieitiviti also a very effective track on the live scene in the immediate asked to received the impression that.

The editor software is also available, of course, has made possible more detailed sound. Release 9 of the flow of time is ever in the price range of mid-January is likely to be the same micro-series."

On the SV-1 Stage Piano:
"Modeling should include as part of focus of the sound amplifier. Simulate the VOX amplifier in such a vacuum tube circuit further "Valve Reactor" Vintejisaundo醸Shi出Shimasu a warm and fat with so! Can respond immediately on playing because it is located in a relatively small amount to the optimal control knob to play on stage, you can revert to its previous state by pushing the knob Even if play with the knob, a very It also has a useful feature. The software allows editing by the editors also finer."

"First, a sound system big difference. 24bit/48kHz in high-quality, DSP technology is directly inherited, rather than the previous version of PCM system plus a full modeling approach. This existing real percussion sounds, as well as synth sounds and sound FX are available, such as sound, and the range of expression from spreading. Pressure sensor that is built better. This sensor is very excellent, and very sensitive to the strength of the fingers, and quickly react"


Update: new pics via via Gareth in the comments. Also working video of the microSAMPLER updated above. That one via A in the comments. iPhone integration. Note the red lights just above the keys. You can see them blink along to patterns being played in the video.

Update: Specs
"- 37 key (Natural Touch Mini Keyboard with Velocity)
- 8 user bank (A ~ H), 1 ROM bank
- 5 types of sampling (LOOP / ONE SHOT / GATE / AUTO NEXT / KEY GATE)
- Sample rates of 48kHz - 24kHz - 12kHz - 6kHz
- Approximately 160 seconds per one bank (Mono / 48kHz sampling rate at 159.7 seconds)
- Up to 14 voice poly (stereo / mono regardless)
- 64,000 note sequencer (one per bank notes (16,000 notes max in one pattern))
- 96 ticks / quarter note resolution (real-time recording)
- DC9V or alkaline 6 x AA batteries = giving 3 hours battery life approximately
- 516 (W) x 238 (D) x 65 (H) mm
- Weight of 1.9kg

Software editor for Windows: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 or later Mac: Mac OS X 10.4 or late."

Update: a bigger shot in the flesh below via via A in the comments. Click on it.


  1. Does anyone know if the SV-1 has CP70/CP80 sounds? (Specifically, better ones than the one in the M3/M50?) I'd be interested if it did.

  2. MicroSampler keys look large, could they be short full-sizes?

    Wavedrum WD-X gave me a bad case of gear acquisition syndrome almost immediately as the action in the video started. A sweet addition to the rig, it would be.

  3. Nice. Those preset buttons kinda look like Polymoog preset buttons.

  4. @Longhair: Those MicroSampler keys looked to me like the ones on the MicroKorg XL... small keys with a waterfallish edge.

  5. I was fairly disappointed of Roland new releases at September. Korg is always more creative with some surprises.

  6. I want to know more about that microSampler joint. Looks like it could be interesting, but I'll have to know a bit more. Thanks for posting man, you stay on top of things.

  7. The one shortcoming of the microSAMPLER is that it doesn't seem to have effects. That probably means the Roland SP404SX still makes more sense, for me.

    Incidentally, the pricing seems to be JPY50,000 for the Wavedrum (compared to the US$2,500-3,000 the originals are going for on eBay); the microSAMPLER is JPY49,800, and the piano is about JPY200,000.

  8. Actually, let me correct what I said about the microSAMPLER's effects; it has 21 types built in. Provided you can resample with effects, therefore, it sounds like it stands up against the SP404.

    Interesting shot of it with an iPhone at the link below, though it looks like there are just two pits of the right size in the unit's upper surface, rather than them being iPod/iPhone docks.

  9. New video link:

    This could be awesome! Can't wait to see a better demo...

  10. i'm so gonna grab that sampler. runs on batteries! what's the deal with the iphone? -Calvin.

  11. i'm gonna grab the sampler as soon as it hits the store, editors looks a lot like the KP3 editor, should be easy (i HOPE this sampler understands the 1/play UNLIKE the KP3

  12. This might be a naive question (I don't use any beat-oriented devices at all): Can one play chords on the MicroSampler? All of the sampling modes listed here sound drum machine-related. If not, why the keys? Is it just easier to fit more of them in if they're arranged like keys instead of drum pads?

  13. Re the iPhone integration, just so no-one gets their hopes up I confirmed in the product spec that all the microSAMPLER has is two holders that are about iPhone size so it's easier to stand one in there and sample from it. It is not an iPod/iPhone dock.

  14. The video demo was pretty lame. They didnt really go into any of why someone would want the microSAMPLER or not. I guess I'll have to wait till they show up in shops here before deciding on this vs the new Roland unit.

  15. has a bigger shot of the "µS":

  16. oh wow, it looks so, old, plastic, scary, awkward, 90s, unfinished, it looks rather ugly, yet, i desire it, if it has multipart midi sequencing it could easily replace the mpc for me (id just buy an MPD to trigger drums)

    but you gotta admit, it looks pretty unusual for modern synth design, wish korg would make less light plastic products tho

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. a correction...the panel has re-sample printed on it so it must do that, also there are buttons marked sample and keyboard, listen to the demos and u can hear bass lines so again it must allow you to trigger the samples across the keyboard as well as assigned to individual notes. I think the clues are all on the front panel anyway. Indications I've seen are are that all will be revealed next week

  19. Now that I've stared at the pic long enought for my head to hurt, I'm guessing what they had in mind for those two gaps in the top are for. Not iPods, but they look just about the right size to hold a Kaossilator & a Mini KP side by side!


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