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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Beaterator Debut Trailer and Beaterator Sessions

"Today we are happy to present the debut trailer for Beaterator, as well as Beaterator Sessions: Max & Clay, a live-action video of Max & Clay, two young kids creating original songs and beats using the application – a true testament to the ease-of-use and intuitive nature of Beaterator. The debut trailer features voice-over by none other than Timbaland himself as he outlines the different modes of Beaterator and their basic functionalities in a unique, musical presentation."

"What is Beaterator?
Beaterator is a suite of easy-to-use but powerful music creation tools that allows users of all skill levels to create quality tracks quickly and easily.

Live Play gets users started quickly as Timbaland guides you through experimenting with pre-arranged templates of his own loops and sounds to get things going. From there, you can take your track into the Studio to add, delete, and replace loops, or add your own vocals using the built-in microphone, or an attached microphone. When you’re ready, delve into the Song Crafter to create your own unique beats and sounds to use across all three modes. Beaterator has the power and flexibility to allow you to create great beats, stirring melodies, and complete songs to rival today’s hottest producers. When you’re ready, you can export your creation and share it with the world.

Why Beaterator?
From the very beginnings of the company, Rockstar Games has always had a very passionate connection to music, whether it be the meticulous selection process for Grand Theft Auto soundtracks, or the artists chosen to work on our original scores such as Bully, music has always played a huge part in shaping our approach to what we make. Beaterator is the culmination of those years of passion for music: an easy to use yet surprisingly deep music creation tool that you can keep with you at all times, featuring sounds created by Timbaland, one of the world’s most renowned music production legends.

Beaterator started life in 2005 as a flash application on the Rockstar website, some time before Timbaland’s involvement. Beaterator’s online iteration had a fairly straight forward yet fun interface, that like its modern handheld form, still packed plenty of power and depth for those wanting to get serious about creating music. It featured loops and sounds from well-known and established artists and was a fully functional eight-track song maker.

Timbaland’s involvement was what brought it to the next level. Rockstar has a long standing tradition of working with progressive artists through all mediums, and Rockstar and Timbaland had looked for ways to work together on a project. Recognizing that Beaterator was a set of tools to allow people to create music, Timbaland came on board.

Timbaland has given Beaterator hundreds of loops and sounds from his own personal collection to get people up and making their own songs quickly. Along with the hundreds of loops and sounds that Rockstar composed for the game, Beaterator has become a hugely in-depth and sprawling library of music with which to make full-blown songs.

Beaterator is not a game in the classic sense of the term, and there are no goals or challenges to accomplish. You’re not pretending to make music – you are making music, and everything you need is unlocked and available to you straight out of the box. Whether or not you have experience in song-crafting or studio time under your belt, there is an amazing amount of value packed into Beaterator. It is more powerful and deep than any other portable music application, regardless of console or device. It is also extremely easy for novices or gamers curious about making music to grasp and we’ve taken great steps to remove the intimidation that often inhibits people from entering this world. Rockstar wants to enable people that have always wanted to make music but also make an experience deep enough that experts can use it as well.

Beaterator on the iPhone/iPod touch
Create your own songs on the go with the aid of Timbaland and Rockstar. Like its big brother on the PSP, Beaterator on the iPhone/iPod touch features hundreds of loops and sounds at your disposal to create studio-quality, full-length songs. Although the iPhone/iPod touch iteration does not feature the same in-depth editing tools as the PSP version, the experience of creating, arranging, and mixing original music remains intact."

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