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Friday, September 11, 2009


Spectretest1 by cartesia
"waldorf blofeld license sl sample upgrade demo
Just reupping this to show someone,

Here is a very basic overview of some things that can be done with spectre and drum samples..
All drums were loaded as a single oscillator - so they all get effected together.

I dont think I played with any of the FM settings etc in this.. that's where you can get really crazy - FM two drum kits together for example..

Just a note: when you modulate the pitch on a multisample kit, it will flip up to the next sample once it gets half a semitone up (if the next sample is on the next semitone) - so you will hear the drum track changing once I put pitch modulation on, as parts get shifted to different samples. Another cool thing to do is chop a break into 16ths (or whatever), load it in order - then use the arpeggiator to play it back.

Anyhow, here is me playing with different modulations, effects, filtering, while a basic drumloop plays... Hopefully gives you some idea of the range that is possible!"

via gavin on the waldorf list:
"Hey, here's a quick little demo I put together of 808 samples all loaded as a single oscillator on the Blofeld..
Just me playing with various modulations/parameters while a basic pattern loops over and over.

There are some big things I hadn't touched on when I recorded this - things like loading a different drumkit in each oscillator, then FM'ing them together, things like that.. I'm actually making up a whole lot of sample drumkits in spectre right now, to have a play with today :) So maybe I'll try and make something that is more like a track than a random parameter-tweak.

Anyhow, might give you some idea that loading drum samples into the blofeld is AWESOME... one of the reasons at the end of the day I couldn't bring myself to sell it... probably THE reason!"

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  1. Hi There!
    I Know this is an Old Post, but I'm thinking about buying a Blofeld and just got Here!!
    It Sounds Amazing!!

    I'm Wondering... Is this a Drum Loop Sample played in it's Root Note or was it played with various samples Sequenced?
    I Own an AKAI MINIAK and I'm Thinking about using it as a sequencer connected to the Blofeld... Hence the MINIAK lacks Polyphony, specially when used as a sequencer with it's own sounds... I Guess It Would Be Wonderful with a Blofeld Desktop!!!

    Sorry for my Poor English!


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