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Saturday, March 06, 2010

EDP Wasp & Gnat Emulators for PC by *Analog Synth Lab*

via this auction
(sample player at the auction while up - it auto plays so I'm not embedding it)

"What Analog Synth Lab is all about is bringing the technology to you; those who are interested in making music and synthesizing but can't afford the old classic vintage synths or you just don't know where to start.

If you're a synth wizard or you're new to the whole thing; Analog Synth Lab will cater for your needs.

You can play the synths with your PC (qwerty) keyboard, a midi keyboard or a sequencer (both hardware and software sequencers supported) and tweak the knobs and relish in the sound of analog synthesizers.

If you have no knowledge about synthesizers then don't worry. There are lots of preset sounds so you can get playing straight away. And if you are feeling adventurous then twiddle with any of the knobs to see how it changes the sound.

Have a classic part of history in your computer and be a part of the electronic generation!"

"Ebay Exclusive! You will not find this product for sale anywhere else.

This synth, along with the ASL Little Flatty, has more features than any other emulator available.

The EDP Wasp is a cult classic. Original units are now fetching over £700-£800
The Wasp's younger brother, the Gnat, is also a classic and prices for a Gnat are around £400-£500.

The ASL Dream Plant brings together the Wasp & the Gnat in one complete software package.

The original EDP Wasp & the Gnat could be synced up together - which is what the ASL Dream Plant offers. A Wasp & a Gnat - in sync and just begging to be played.

So you are getting 2 classic synth emulations for 1% of the price you'd pay for the real thing.

Heard over countless records of the late 70's and early 80's - the Wasp was more suited to the "out there" and open minded folk.

Who before had seen a synthesizer that was yellow and black?!

If you like weird, raspy, ballsy sounds..then this is for you.

There's a reason why this synth is so notorious...that's because it sounds absolutely mental..and I absolutely love it!

And why did they call it the Wasp? Well, it sounds like a wasp...but the coolest wasp you've ever heard!

Key Features
* Modelled on EDP Wasp and Gnat hardware synths
* Multi mode Filter - Lowpass, Highpass and Bandpass
* Repeating Envelope Generators
* Unique mixer section..
* Analogue Delay (modelled on the Boss DM-2)"


  1. Of course, you can get a Wasp emulator VSTi for 0% of the price of the real thing - the daHornet.

  2. the ASL wasp emulator is way better. trust me!

  3. Midi then? Any ReWire capability?

  4. Where can you get these Wasp & Gnat emulators and are they Mac compatible?



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