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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So73 - Korg Monotron As Lead Synthesizer

YouTube via soundofseventythree | August 04, 2010

"I figured it was time someone made a little music with the Korg Monotron rather than just noise. This one is called the Monosong featuring the Korg Monotron as a lead synthesizer. It was improvised in one take.

The Monotron was fed into my Mini-KP to add delay & reverb. The backing track was created using my Korg Kaossilator for the first drum loop, the bassline, and the chord progression. The second drum loop was created using the Zoom MRT-3B Micro RhythmTrak filtered through the Monotron's MS-20 filter. The guitar is my Reverend Warhawk HB run direct into my Korg PX5D Pandora.

Video shot with my Digital Harinezumi 2++ in monochrome mode and edited in iMovie 6 HD.

Download this track free here:

Also check out the self titled album by Sound of Seventy Three now available for download at iTunes, and most online retailers!

Thanks for watching and listening!"

More mini synths:

So73 "Tremolos" - Akai LPK25 & LPD8; Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass; Danelectro Effects

soundofseventythree | April 06, 2010

"Music available for download at: http://soundofseventythree.bandcamp.c...

This one is called Tremolos. It features the Akai LPK25 & the LPD8 which are a couple of new additions to my studio. It also features my original Reverend Warhawk electric guitar run through a Danelectro Surf & Turf compressor and a Danelectro Corned Beef reverb into a Vox Amplug, A Squire 70's Vintage Modified Jazz Bass run into a Vox Amplug Bass with the compressor on, Stylophone, Rotary Vibraphone from Apple's Jam Pack 1, Mellotron strings & 15 Choir from the M-Tron plugin, and GarageBand electric piano set to tine.

Let me just say that LOVE these new Akai laptop controllers! I've used a lot of midi controllers over the years big and small and these are a couple of the best controllers I have used of any size! The Akai LPK25 has a good feel for the size and great velocity response. The Akai LPD8 has the as good feeling pads of any drum controller I have used and again a great velocity response. Of course there are some compromises with the size but overall I love the response, feel and build of these little controllers. They fit perfectly with the way I like to work. I guess you should not expect any less from Akai.

The video as always was done with my Canon IS S3 and edited in iMovie. I hope my digital Harinezumi is here before my next video so I can use it for a bit of a change."

And one last track featuring the Zoom ST-224 & MRT3:

So73 "Echos Remix" - Zoom ST-224 & MRT3; Squier 70's Vintage Modified Jazz Bass; & Reverend Warhawk

soundofseventythree | January 28, 2010

"Music now available for download: http://soundofseventythree.bandcamp.c...

This is my remix of the last song I posted on youtube called Echos. I feel that maybe there is a little Madlib influence in here as well as some St. Germain.

I sampled the lap-steel part on my Zoom SampleTrak ST-224 at standard quality (read dirty and grungy) and started messing around with it, eventually slowing it down and filtering it. I came up with a new drum part on the Zoom MRT3 Micro Rhythm Trak drum machine and sampled that too. Then I recorded both parts into GarageBand.

In GarageBand I added the bass part played on my Squier 70's Vintage Modified Jazz Bass with my amplug bass into my Korg Pandora PX5D Pandora as a recording interface. The guitar was played on my Reverend Warhawk original into the PX5D Pandora. I also added Mellotron flutes from the M-Tron by typing them in on my MacBook's keyboard as I am without a proper keyboard at the moment. I tried to get the live parts to sound like they were sampled from an old scratchy record from the 60s.

The video was done in iMove HD with the footage shot on my Canon S3 IS."

more vids here

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