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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NAMM: Clavia Announces The Nord Stage 2

"Nord Keyboards are proud to announce the Nord Stage 2 Series featuring our latest sound generation technology in the Piano, Organ and Synthesizer sections.
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0111 Nord Stage 2 panel

The Piano section includes String Resonance, Dynamic Pedal Noise, and a completely user-replaceable piano memory, twice the size of Nord Stage EX, compatible with the free of charge Nord v5 Piano library.

The Organ section features the tonewheel and transistor organ modeling of the C2 Organ together with a newly developed rotary speaker model.

The Synthesizer section includes an arpeggiator and the Nord sample playback functionality with a memory size storing 120 sounds from the Nord Sample Library including Mellotron and Chamberlin samples. In addition, Nord Stage 2 users can also create their own samples by mapping sound files in .wav format with the Nord sample editor. The genes of the Nord Wave brings analog-style and digital waveforms as well as FM synthesis.

Additional new features include MIDI over USB, monitor input, midi sync for the global master clock, and master clock sync for LFO, arpeggiator, and delay.

With the performing musician in mind the control panel gives immediate access to all key functions and instant visibility of all settings. Single function controls and dedicated selectors make for exceptional ease-of-use.

The Nord Stage 2 is handmade in Stockholm, Sweden by Clavia DMI and is scheduled to ship in February 2011."

Update: NAMM: Nord Stage 2 - New Pics and Info

"There is a new Nord Flagship instrument on the horizon."

"The Stage 2 is compatible with the huge and free Nord Sample Library. The powerful new synthesizer engine is built from the DNA of the famous Nord Wave. Capable of classic analogue synthesis, three operator FM synthesis and Wavetable synthesis.

The Nord Sample Library not only give Stage 2 owners access to the huge free library of world-class sounds, including the famous vintage Mellotron and Chamberlin samples, but thanks to the included Nord Sample Editor for Mac and PC, allows user-created samples to be loaded into the instrument and thus opening up a whole new creative world of sound.

It is over ten years since we made our first digital model of a tonewheel organ. The Stage 2's dedicated organ section now features our third generation B3 Organ model as found in the acclaimed Nord C2 and an improved Rotary model.

The rear panel with the USB connector that also carries MIDI information and the Monitor Input for playing along to your favorite music.

Here is the Piano section with the Acoustics controls, for the String Resonance, the Pedal Noise and the new Selectable Release feature. When Release is activated pianos use a slightly longer release, which is more suitable for legato playing. This important feature reflects adjusting the damper tension in an acoustic or an electromechanical instrument.

The Pedal Noise feature from the Nord Piano is available in the Nord Stage 2 if the optional Nord Triple Pedal is used.

The Piano section has a memory of 500 Megabytes. Each and every Piano sound in the instrument is replaceable with any piano sound from the Nord Piano Library.

The Synth section also features a new Arpeggiator that can be synchronized to the Stage 2 Master Clock for perfect timing with elements of the Stage 2 including the rate of effects and the delay time. The Master Clock tempo can be set numerically, ''tapped'' on the tap button or set by incoming MIDI Clock.

There are 400 Programs (recent change) in the Nord Stage 2 - These are organized in 4 Banks with 20 Pages, with 5 programs in each Page. There are 5 Live Memories that automatically saves all the settings. And a programmable Transpose.

The Effect section sports a new member: the Vibe. This is modelled from a desirable foot pedal and is a great addition to the Stage 2's sonic arsenal.

The production of the Nord Stage 2 will begin in February, 2011.

Every Stage 2 will be delivered with both the Nord Piano and the Nord Sample DVDs. These two expanding Libraries represents more than 6.5 Gigabytes of sounds at the moment. "

via Sonic State


NAMM 2011 Nord Stage 2 Keyboard

YouTube via musicianews | January 15, 2011 |

"Chris from Nord demos the Nord Stage 2. Which uses modeling and synthesis. Grand Piano, Organ sounds and strings, and Nord Wave. Avail End of March. MAP 88 Note $4199"

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