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Saturday, February 26, 2011

M-Audio Venom Controlled by TouchOSC Part 2 Update

YouTube via matrixsynth | Feb 24, 2011 | Watch full screen 720HD

You'll find the template posted here.

Some additional info on this one:
"I start on the OSC1 page messing with the different waveforms for oscillator 1. All you are hearing is oscillator 1. At :46 - I flip through to the Oscillator Control page (I briefly hit the OSC3 page) where I have the following settings:

Red - OSC1 Course, Fine, 3>FM, Shape and Keytrack
Green - OSC2 Course, Fine, Keytrack and Sync to OSC1
Blue - OSC3 Course, Fine, Keytrack and Sync to OSC1
Yellow - Start Modulation and Drift
Purple - Mix for OSC1, OSC2, OSC3, Ring, Ext, and Ext Src
Grey - Portamento/Glide On/Off and Rate, Bender Range

I turn OSC1 down and turn OSC2 up. I then flip to the OSC2 page so you can hear it by itself. Note the waveforms although the same sound different in some cases. This is because the envelope setting for OSC2 has a longer sustain than OSC1 so you hear more of each waveform. This is especially noticeable with drum samples. I then go back to the OSC mix page and add OSC1 back in. I adjust waveforms for each in their respective waveform pages so you can hear them work together. I go back to the mix section and add in OSC3. At 2:08 I enable OSC3 sync. I then disable it but it sounds different than before (I'll have to look into that :) Update: this was due to an error in my template which has been fixed). I flip through some of the waveforms again to hear how they mix together. At 3:00 I try OSC3 to OSC1 FM. I set OSC1 to a sine wave so I can hear the effect better. At 3:02 I turn down the levels for OSC2 and OSC3 so I can only hear the effect with only OSC1.

If you watch closely you will see each of the three oscillators has the full 94 waveform sources to select from and you can have them interact with each other. OSC1 can be frequency modulated by OSC3, OSC2 and OSC3 can be synced to OSC1, each can keytrack which means if you disable it the pitch does not track, so if you turn it off for 3 and have it FM 1 it will have a different effect than if it was on. There's also ring mod. You can also set the frequency for an oscillator below audio rate into LFO range. Note there are non standard waveforms including drum waveform samples to chose from, so you can do some really interesting things here. The reason I am creating an iPad editor is because only certain parameters are accessible via the front panel of the synth. You cannot edit OSC waveforms via the synth directly. You have to use the included editor on your PC or go the iPad route."

"Prototype TouchOSC template controlling M-Audio Venom using The Missing Link to translate OSC to MIDI."

Description also added to the original post here.

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  1. Seems rather interesting!

  2. I have to say it:

    This is an old video, of an old synth, which was never really supported by M-Audio, which was a massive commercial failure, yet...
    I can't think of a single synth with this level of complexity and depth in the editing. Being able to use an iPad makes it look like a breeze.

    Really making me think...

    Thank you !

  3. How could I use the Touchosc template in Android with my mobile as a host. Without tb midi stuff as there is no such for Android. Do I have to remap the inputs in the template?

  4. The Venom has too many parameters to be covered by MIDI CC so the template uses MIDI sysex. The last I checked Touch OSC does not support sysex. The Missing Link has the ability to recognize sysex passed/wrapped in OSC messages. You would need a similar device that works with Android. To be honest with you, you'd likely be better off picking up an original iPad off of eBay for cheap for this. I still use my iPad 1 as my main editor for synths. It runs TouchOSC and TB MIDI Stuff fine, but just be sure to check with TB MIDI Stuff first to see if it will still install on the original. I'm guessing it does but sometimes developers will reset the minimum system requirements. What do you mean by "Bad URL linked in my nick"?



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