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Monday, April 04, 2011

New KORG Monotribe In the Flesh

via KORG

Click each image for the full size shot.

"Analogue Ribbon Station"

This one in via Soviet Space Child

"Korg Monotribe Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer Station

— Analog Synth + Analog Rhythm + Step Sequencer = Analog Electribe - In a world seemingly ruled by digital, Korg created an analog sensation with the palm-sized monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer. Today, Korg once again takes up the analog banner with the amazing monotribe Analog Ribbon Station; a new form of synthesizer that packs an amazing array of features and technology into its compact body.

Korg's monotribe shares the monotron's analog DNA, yet quickly delves deeper into the rich, organic, and often chaotic world of analog synthesis. In addition to analog synthesis, monotribe brings together intuitive ease of use and a three-part discrete analog rhythm section, plus the proven appeal of Electribe-style sequencing. Complete with built-in speakers and battery power, monotribe is self-contained and highly portable, able to deliver your ideas with style and personality.

True Analog Synthesis
The monotribe's sound engine uses technology old and new, merging the powerful sound of analog synthesis with the dexterity and playability required in today's groove making environments. Analog technology is essential for fast and responsive control, and delivers the full sonic spectrum from warm and easy-going to full-throttle rampage.

Three-Part Analog Drums
The monotribe provides a three-part rhythm section powered by discrete analog circuitry; bass drum, snare, and hi-hat. These three sounds were the key elements in a generation of analog beat making, and are still in demand today. Use these powerful drum sounds to generate distinctive beats attainable only from the monotribe.

Electribe-Style Groove Creation
For over a decade, Korg Electribes have served as the standard tools for dance music and DJ work, and has earned outstanding popularity, even appearing recently as a top-selling iPad app. The fantastic step key interface lives on in monotribe, with a dedicated button for each of the eight steps. This allows realtime, hands-on step editing of not only the drum parts, but also for any synth part sequence played on the ribbon keyboard.

Active Step and Flux Mode
Active Step editing lets you remove or re-insert individual steps, creating short loop-like effects or off-beat patterns that weave in and out of complex rhythms. The step buttons provide this Active Step control during playback, and also provide an instant return to the original 8-step sequence if needed. Flux Mode allows the creation of sequenced synth parts that are not rigidly tied to the step grid, providing more musical versatility. The creation and morphing of edgy beats and stuttering rhythms has never been easier.

Auto-Tuning Analog
Analog synthesizers of yesteryear were prone to drift in pitch. But no more! The monotribe?s auto-tuning circuitry provides stable chromatic playability, and will not go out of tune. This auto-tuning technology also means no warm-up time, no servicing for pitch calibration, no sensitivity to temperature changes - just the great sound of analog VCO.

Multi-Mode Ribbon Keyboard
The ribbon controller keyboard provides three selectable playing modes/ranges. The chromatic mode (KEY) is ideal for playing melodies and bass lines, and stepping smoothly from note to note. Switch to the continuous mode (NARROW) for glides and bends - just as on the monotron. Also available is the wide continuous mode (WIDE) with a six-fold pitch range for dramatic synth zaps and screams. In addition, pressing the Gate Time button will allow the gate time to be sequenced as the ribbon controller keyboard is played.

Classic Analog Components - VCO, LFO, VCA
The VCO offers a choice between sawtooth, triangle and square wave. White noise can mixed in to the oscillator signal in any amount. The Octave selector covers a broad range, from deep bass to piercing lead-lines. Three EG (Envelope Generator) presets provide the VCA with impressive versatility and dexterity. The LFO can be patched to the VCO and/or the VCF, creating impressive dynamic effects. The Range switch allows the LFO to deliver stirring cyclic changes over tens of seconds (SLOW) or superfast (FAST) audio-range FM ringing. Switching the LFO Mode to the 1-shot setting allows the LFO behave as a second envelope generator - a truly powerful addition!

Vintage MS-10/MS-20 Filter
The monotribe features the same VCF circuit found on Korg's classic MS-10 and MS-20 analog semi-patchable synthesizers. Distinctively analog, this sharp and powerful filter adds dramatic change to the sound, imparting the uniquely memorable character of Korg's early analog synthesizers. Using the audio input, any audio source can be enhanced by passing through the filter section. Process an instrument, a voice, or a complete mix form CD or MP3 and create larger than life filter effects!

Sync Jacks: A Return To Modular
The monotribe provides both Sync In and Sync Out jacks, empowering multiple monotribe units to play and work together for a synchronized performance. Not just other monotribes, either. Audio line level pulses can trigger the Sync Input so the monotribe can be synchronized to a DAW system, for example. In addition, the polarity of the pulse waveform can be changed for both the input and output, so you can enjoy synchronized performance with a variety of equipment equipped with Sync connections.

On-The-Go Groove Making
Light, compact, and portable, monotribe is great on the go. Equipped with a built-in speaker and powered by six AA batteries, it is completely self-contained and ready to deliver hours of enjoyment wherever you take it.

The monotribe Analog Ribbon Station - bringing responsive realtime control to analog groove making.

The powerful sound of true analog synthesis
3-part analog drums, using discrete analog circuitry
Popular Electribe-style sequencing.
Active Step and Flux features for realtime dynamic loop manipulation
Advanced multi-function ribbon keyboard; Chromatic, Continuous, & Wide modes
Auto-tuning provides stable pitch for accurate chromatic playability
Selectable oscillator waveform, noise generator, and versatile LFO
Uses the same VCF (filter) circuit as the classic MS-10/MS-20
Sync In & Out jacks allows synchronized integration with multiple units
Battery operation, built-in speaker and compact size deliver on-the-go groove-making"

via gear4music via Bryan on Facebook.

Update 4/6/2011: Monotribe Videos:

YouTube Uploaded by KORGINC on Mar 31, 2011

"Ready to tweak some real analog hardware?"

via Moogkid

KORG monotribe x 2

Uploaded by KORGINC on Apr 4, 2011

"Ready to tweak some real analog hardware?




"Rhythm + analog + analog synth analogue step sequencer, version = ELECTRIBE.

The palm-sized analog synthesizer Korg monotron golden cast a rock into the digital world, and proposes a new type of synthesizer. Synth sounds can change the thickness and rich analog sound unique. Intuitive and easy to understand, ELECTRIBE step sequencer transfer. Rhythm of the analog circuits in three parts. Battery and built-in speakers. Pack up your eyes full of technology and ideas in a compact, full of personality made a good instrument.

I still felt left, if it touches the child is born new groove action. Ribbon analog stations, monotribe."

Musikmesse 2011: Korg Monotribe Video

Uploaded by delamartv on Apr 6, 2011

"Musikmesse 2011
Musikmesse 2011: Der Korg Monotribe wird vorgestellt.
Der Korg Monotribe ist eine Mischung aus Groovebox und Synthesizer."


Musikmesse 2011: Korg Monotribe Video Demo for

Uploaded by gear4music1 on Apr 6, 2011

" get a video overview of the Korg Monotribe Analog Synth & Sequencer at Musikmesse 2011."


  1. Damn that is hot. Wonder what it'll sync to. Must have. I'm guessing this will go for $200-$300???

  2. Not a bad year for Korg with Kronos and this up against Roland's Juno-Stage 2 with a colour screen.

    Now I only need to see what big surprise Clavia Nord have in store..

  3. Wish it had MIDI. :(
    If this is under $200 I may still bite.

  4. can't have midi, it's analogue

  5. @Bryan

    Please tell us you are kidding as that is one of the most ignorant synth comments I've ever seen. If analogue can't have MIDI you should tell Dave Smith, Tom Oberheim, Moog, as well as that "small:" brand Roland, which has had midi in analogue synths back in 1983.

  6. Hmmm... my JX-3P, DSI Mopho, Waldorf Pulse all have these weird ports that say MIDI on them.


    The occlusion of MIDI is a rather odd one for sure. Big let down.

  7. F!ck midi.

    I'm joking, but cmon dude, you can so much without midi. Does everything done with synths have to be tightly synched techno?

  8. But is it a "game changer"?

  9. It should have MIDI these days... I mean you could throw a 909 Rim shot at it, or an Impulse Machine off of a machinedrum, or just a tempo sync'd LFO from another analog that does sync to midi, and you're in the money. In some ways it's refreshing to, at the very least, NOT see a friggin' USB connector! This thing is very badass just as it sits, and it's a great sidecar for any drum machine with individual outs, or a clock out, like off of an Acidlab M1AM1, etc. Plenty of possibilities. Now let's hear that filter already!

  10. I don't think they left out MIDI just to be a bit mauve. It's an analogue instrument so works on control voltages and gate signals. It isn't trivial to convert those to MIDI. I imagine they decided it would cost too much and people would hack it anyway with MIDI so why bother themselves? My main concern is what the drum sounds are. Hopefully they're analogue and not some lame arse PCM samples although if they are then they better go through the whole analogue signal chain for mangling.

  11. Hey, I just want to be able to sync it to my DAW so I can *record* it. ;)
    I have converters and MIDI-locked pulse sources...but it's just one more layer of STUFF to deal with. :/

  12. midi is cannot interface with analogue without a converter...yes there are analogue synths with midi connections, but there is a converter inside

  13. The description of the sync seems kind of vague to me. I'm not sure if it's just CV, or you can use a burst of audio, or both! I'd love to hear how this sounds, though. Hopefully slightly less noise than the Monotron.

  14. How hard can it be to add MIDI in as an aftermarket mod??

  15. "3-part analog drums, using discrete analog circuitry" pretty sure that means the drum sounds are indeed analog. I think at this point it'd be cheaper to just use the 808 circuitry, seeing as how it consists of maybe 15 discreet components. If they were gonna PCM it, they'd have to get the ram chip in there and the DAC and probably some other stuff... complicated affair, that.

  16. This is going to be an acid machine! Cant wait to get one.

  17. hell yeah! sync for the win!!
    I find myself using midi less and less these days, especially after I got silent way.
    I clock most things with either dinsync or 16th note pulses. rock solid timing, way better than midi.
    I use my old tr707 as a bridge for the little midi stuff I have left.

  18. With analog sync in, creating shuffle should be easy.

  19. Doesn't need midi to sync to your DAW. Even better, it uses audio pulses, so its sample-accurate sync! Brilliant!
    (like the Innerclock Sync Lock)

  20. Nice toy. But where the f*** is the new RADIAS???

  21. "midi is cannot interface with analogue without a converter...yes there are analogue synths with midi connections, but there is a converter inside"

    Do you think the sequencer is analogue as well?

  22. this had better be like $150. It's pretty weak. an acid machine with no adsr, no ar? no decay time? no envelope to speak of? no accent? don't think so.

  23. Although I appreciate Korg for being the only major company thinking in this way!! stick those guts in the microkorg add an adsr (or 2) add midi, price the thing at $300-400 and rule the analog entry market.

  24. I think Korg is still testing the waters, but we'll probably see something like noisenerds mentioned. Think about it, monotron->monotribe->monosynth->brand freaking new MS20 for under $1k

    They can't just dive in unfortunately, since they're a giant corporation, but I think this is a really good sign of things to come.


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