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Friday, April 05, 2013

iKazoo: Game Controller, Music Composer, Fitness Monitoring, Stylus Pen, ...

Published on Mar 20, 2013 OGACOGadgets·2 videos

Update: this will support MIDI, OSC and Audiobus. I asked the makers and they replied:

"Yes, this is one of the main topics from the iKazoo. It will come with an APP, which contains a look-up table to link incoming iKazoo signals to MIDI or OSC.  We also plan to link the sound to Audiobus. iKazoo will be a very versatile MIDI controller, as any of its sensors will send data to the look-up table.
You will find XYZ2MIDI (Gyro) Tap2MIDI (Shocksensor) Touch2MIDI (Touchsensor for 2Octave chromatic or any-scale keyboard).  Flute and Kazoo will create MIDI pitch, note and velocity signals; while any sensor can also change MIDI channels.  Also, the two RGB LEDs, once received from an IOS or Android camera will create Cam2MIDI values.  The look-up table will have a "SimpleLearn" function to allow users the link and combine iKazoo signal to almost any application (Music, Games, Fitness, Office etc.) Their settings can be saved in scripts and shared with other users."

What is iKazoo? "A wind instrument [and more] that adds a 'buzzing' timbral quality to your voice when you sing into it. The kazoo is a type of membranophone – a device which modifies the sound of a person's voice by way of a vibrating membrane. In this way anybody can produce any sound using just their voice.  By replacing the membrane with a piezo microphone the sound can be amplified and alternated. Tunes can be converted into numbers [midi]. These numbers can control electronic instruments on your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Laptop. Making such an electric kazoo might be cool for awhile, but probably it would get boring pretty quickly. That is why,we introduce the iKazoo."

"iKazoo is extremely versatile with tons of amazing functions! The flute side is a breath synthesizer. That's why iKazoo looks like a flute from one side.

The complete surface is touch and shock sensitive, so you can tap on different positions with different intensity to get a super drum computer or beat box. Plus, if you hold iKazoo in your hand instead of between your lips, the built-in microphone can record and alter your voice, while the tunes you have created previously are automatically looped. This will give you an unbelievable performance.

A bi-directional bluetooth transceiver connects wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet.

The iKazoo's built-in Arduino platform is equipped with optical and motion sensors. This turns the iKazoo into an Optical Game Controller. So just move the iKazoo around and play your favorite games easily.

The two multicolour LEDs allow you to connect to any device that has a built-in camera, such as your Phone, Tablet, or a PC.

Just hold the iKazoo in front of the device, and our driver application will search and sync up! You will never have to use a touch screen again. Connect your device to your TV and you have a game console, a presenter or a chat assistant to bring fun into your video calls.

iKazoo's sensors monitor all your movements! Use it as a step counter or check the impact on your joints when you do workout! Even compose music while jogging."

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*The Most Versatile Entertainment Gadget Ever!
*Open Source Software
*A real social product which runs with your iphone, ipad, or your android device
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iKazoo Applications


Electronic Flute
Touch & Tap Midi Controller
Auto Looper
Effect Controller
Breath Synthesizer
Smart Plectrum for Guitar
Sound Pick-Up ("attach'n touch")



Crazy Motion Controller
3D Air Joy Stick
Mystic Finger Balance Board
Casino Spin Controller
Sword-, Racket, Paddle, or Golf-Club Simulator
RC Controller
Robot Controller


Sport & Fitness

Step Counter Monitor
Workout Timer
Smart Workout Assistant
Training Entertainer
Jogging Composer
Spine Trainer


Headphone and Chat Assistance
Remote Controller
Subconscious Board
Mental Trainer
Stylus Pen
Voice Recorder

Quick Draw Utility
Airbrush Simulator
Tap Pattern Creator
Sound to Picture Converter


Specifications & Parts

Arduino Compatible Microcontroller
Bluetooth Audio/Data Device
Open Source Software
Piezo Membrane
Shock Sensor
Electret Microphone
Multi Touch Sensor
Mini USB Port
Battery Charger
Lithium Battery
Headphone Jack

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