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Friday, May 17, 2013

Sequencer & Arpeggiator Screens for Upcoming Andromeda A6 Editor

Follow-up to this post. Below is an update on the sequencer & arpeggiator sections via scd on  The editor is nearing completion and is expected to be available next week.  This editor is extensive.  It's incredible how much it will open up and bring a fresh new approach to editing the A6.

"The step sequencer is captured in two pages as you can see. The arpeggiator in one page in the editor.

The first stepsequencer page is a good example to explain the building blocks of the editor:

- sliders: those are simple to understand. Double tapping on them brings up a jogwheel for fine tuning by the way, but the sliders already are a huge improvement over the Andromeda knobs
- switches (the ones with the red LED): for on/off functions.
- rectangles with rounded edges: those are always popup menus. I used them for parameters with more than 2 choices. On the step sequencer pages those are the note selection, number of steps,
- small boxes with a "m" inside: these will always bring you to a modulation page. There are 47 modulation pages. Each modulation slot that has the list of 79 modulation sources has its own page. With big knobs. On those modulation pages you can always go back to the page where you pressed the "m".
- little dots (like the one in the upper left corner above the clock rate slider) will be visible throughout the editor, indicating that that parameter is a modulation destination in one of the 47 mod pages.
You wll be amazed how many parameters are a modulation destination on the Andromeda!

The step sequencer has a problem that is not solvable as far as I know at this moment. The problem is in the "switch" between the first 8 steps and the last 8 steps (plus accompanying parameters): there is no way to tell the Andromeda "go to the first" or "go to the second" LCD screen (plus accompanying parameters).
The one you are looking at on the hardware is the one that should be on your iPad screen: you have to make them the same on the Andromeda. The button to select the first or last page is the button that is used to switch through the 16 steps on the Andromeda. The only way to tell the Andromeda to be on the fist page is to switch the synth off and on...
Well, something to think about when working with it. In the editor you can switch between the LCD screen for steps 1-8 and 9-16 by pressing the blue triangle in step sequencer page 1 on the iPad (it is simply forwarding 8 steps in the background). But you have to check on the Andro if it is the same there.

The same problem happens with the selection of the four step parameters: there is no way to tell the andro to start on one of them (note, velo, gate, step). You can only walk through them...

Furthermore there are parameters that do not work correctly or do not work at all. I will post about that later.

But I can tell from own experience that the step sequencer becomes a lot easier and thus more fun to handle with the iPad!

Another (known) bug is the fact that you can not use the hold pedal for holding the step sequence: sooner or later that gives hanging notes unfortunately. Be aware of that.

More later.


The template is being made with TB MIDI Stuff.

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