MATRIXSYNTH: "Endeavour - Space Line Generator" Analog Synth / Sequencer w/ Theremin Controls

Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Endeavour - Space Line Generator" Analog Synth / Sequencer w/ Theremin Controls

Published on Aug 22, 2013 DoctorBlankenstein·31 videos
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"Dr Blankenstein's "Endeavour Space Line Generator" Analog Synth / Sequencer w/ Theremin Controls

Back from a long video uploading break with a new prototype demo... and many more to follow. What we have here is a 10 step analog sequencer, running a square wave oscillator. Each step of the bass line can be tuned via the 10 main sequence knobs. This unit is intended as a stand alone sound creation device, at has NO sync out or in... hence why it should be considered a "space line generator" ;) Oh, and for added fun.. there is an ILLUMIRINGER put on the end of the signal chain for epic tweaking!

All of this is controlled via the 3 sections at the top of the unit... each section has the option to be either controlled via a knob, light sensor or pair of touch points (at the bottom of the unit.) First, we have the "SPEED" which will control the tempo of the sequence. Next, there is the "PITCH" controls.. and finally the "FILTER" which is tied into the effects section. The filter fx can be turned on and off via the switch to the left of the Knob / Sensor control switch on the right most control section.

The touch points are set up in pairs... from left to right... 1st Speed, 2nd Pitch, 3rd Voltage Drain, 4th Effect. They can be used in pairs OR in different configuration to get some really exciting expression out of the piece.

The light sensors on this thing are SICK! Massive range... super sensitive! So many way to jam on them... I couldn't include all of them in the video there were SO MANY... so use your imagination.

Unit can be turned on via a mission impossible style key start... or big red momentary button. 9v Power adapter power for maximum juice'ness (this thing is a bit of a beast). This is a solid PCB design, not perf board etc... so I would expect to see a few of these popping up on the website / eBay in coming days.

Hope you enjoy.. hit me up if you have any questions... or want to pick one up. AND PLEASE.. make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more cool one of a kind designs ;)"

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