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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Roland TR-0815 (808-DIY-clone) & Spring Reverb

The cheapest way to get the original spring reverb effect - demosong

Published on Aug 24, 2013 stereoping·22 videos

"This video demonstrates an interesting and imho not so commonly known trick: the use of a bare spring reverb tank with a mixer-insert to get that great spring reverb quite cheap without additional electronics: connect one of your mixers send-outputs with the tanks input and plug the tanks output just into a mic-in of the mixer. Adjust levels. Now this mixerchannel supplies the 100% wet springreverb signal of all channels, which send something into the tank using the mixers send-pots. Play with the reverb channels EQ or insert an external EQ to shape the reverbs color. In the demosong i add and remove tracks and play them dry and with springreverb to show the benefit of real springreverb. I inserted a Vermona EQ to play around with the frequencies. Please use the videoplayers pause-button if screens go to fast for reading - but i guess you are clever enough for having figured that out on yourself. Features machines: FL-Studio, TR-0815 (808-DIY-clone) synced by midiclock running internal sequencer, Yamaha TX7, Microwave 1, Ensoniq ESQ-1, Roland JX8P, Line6 EchoPark on some voicesamples."

This is the first TR-0815 post.


TR-0815 drumsynth - audiodemo and Making Of

Published on Aug 25, 2013 stereoping·24 videos

"Video about the developement of my TR-808 DIY-Clone called TR-0815. While listening to some patterns of the finished machine you can have a look at some pictures of the inner parts and the making. All patterns are played by the TR-0815 with the internal stepsequencer, no midi here. Some of the features demonstrated in the audio are swing (0:49), flams (3:22), sequenced 'muted' (long/short) BassDrum (1:12) and Cowbell (0:24), sample/hold of digivoice (0:35 & 1:46), long decay of toms (2:39). If something is not sounding like 808 this might be the DigiVoice, one of the 2 voices i added to the clone because i had 2 triggerchannels left over. The DigiVoice can make some square-blibs, 8bit-noises, dirty Claps, broken Guiros and some sample/hold."

TR-0815 drumsynth - 8 min. parameter tweaking

Published on Aug 25, 2013

"This video shows each the voices parameters of my TR-808-clones in detail. Be prepared for 8 minutes of enoying pot dialing with some additional explaining text."

TR-0815 drumsynth - sequencer features and noise selector

Published on Aug 25, 2013

"Some of the sequencer features like step-programming and realtime programming, swing, flam, A/B copy, muted Steps for Bassdrum and Cowbell and voice muting. In the last third of the vid i show the function and sound of the noise-selector to guide the 3 noise-sources to Hihats/Cymbal and Clap/Maracas."

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