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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

2024/01 - dawless winter session #2 with DIY gear and MUCH reverb

video upload by Stereoping

"Drowning the lead synth - which imperturbably repeats it's themes - in the dark and endless reverb of a Roland #DEP5. Other guests beside the DIY gear: FB01 through Dynacord #VRS23, Moog #Matriarch, Boss SX700 which got modulated by fader on the phaser mid frequency while processing the Wersi CX-1 HiHats. A Volca Sample also contributes a bit of background beat."

Sunday, January 14, 2024

2024/01 - dawless winter session with DIY gear and some FM Synths

video upload by Stereoping

"The title sais it all, just a recording of a relaxed MPC evening session. Playing with the sweet spot of a modded #Waldorf #Pulse which was sent through a Roland #DEP-5. Other featured gear: two DIY drumboxes, #Yamaha #FB01, two #TX7 detuned and hard panned, #Dyncord #DRP15, two Ibanez BBD delays and a Dynacord #VRS23."

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Stereoping Bit Midi Controller for Crumar Bit One/01/99

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via this auction

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Saturday, July 01, 2023

2023/06 - Desert Cat

video upload by Stereoping

"Another no budget for fun #musicvideo created with #Unrealengine. A cat running through the desert, swimming through an oasis pond, transiting ancient egypt ruins and finally finding a comfy place to sleep in the city of Brass.

Music: Moog Subsequent 37, Korg Volca Sample and Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra sequenced from FLStudio with some oriental drumsamples.

Unreal Asset store props credits: AnimX Advanced Cats, Egypt Ruins Environment, Dust & Sandstorm FX, City of Brass, Modular Military Operation Urban Training Environment - Arabian Pack"

Friday, June 16, 2023

Stereoping Sample Polka Midicontroller for Korg Volca Sample

video upload by Stereoping

"Sample Polka edition for the Synth Controller supporting polyphonic playing on the Volca Sample with simultaneous editing of the poly parts.

0:00 introduction by scary Jenny from Uncanny Valley

1:11 knob twiddling on the Controller editing the parts used for polyphonic playing, PANSPREAD function, VELOCITY knob, loop with adjustment of START POINT and LENGTH, SAMPLE knob, switching voicecount

5:13 using the poly-Volca as an arpeggiator

6:34 different samples for poly-parts

7:42 keytracking behaviour of original Volca Sample, original with Pajen firmware and Volca Sample 2

8:56 DOUBLE mode for Stereo sampleplaying - with different samples and dephased identical samples for left and right side"

Sunday, June 11, 2023

2023/06 - Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 Midicontroller for realtime editing

video upload by Stereoping

"Demo of the Synth Controller Edition "AS1" for the Pioneer Toraiz AS-1. Finally you have quick realtime access to all parameters of synth engine, arpeggiator and FX section. The demo shows editing on all three color layers (red: Oscillators, green: Filter & Envelopes, blue: LFO and FX) with and without background rhythms. Most probably this video only makes sense if you are already familiar with the AS-1 and want to see the concept and behaviour of the Controller. The AS-1 behaves very well when being edited remotely, no hanging notes, no lags, only Chorus rate causes some jittering. For details you can check out the manual's addendum PDF in the Stereoping Shop's Synth Controller Downloads section.0:33 red layer - editing oscillators with their modulation routing switches. Explaing how to access SHIFT parameters. Playing with polymod of OSC2 on OSC1. Switching to LFO-PWM3:16 - taking a look on SLOP3:49 green layer - playing with filters and envelopes, LFO on cutoff, Glide6:10 - exploring impact of OSC levels on self ringing VCF6:32 blue layer - realtime FX tweaking, adjusting BBD sync9:42 arpeggiator session where FL Studio sends chord into the AS-1 which are arpeggiated by the AS-1."

Monday, June 05, 2023

2023/06 - Norns Dub

video upload by Stereoping

"Summer tunes warmup. The Monome Norns running the beautiful 'RAINDROPS' script is sent through a DIY-PCB Juno-6 Chorus with Stereo-mod. The Norns is intentionally not temposynced and accompanied by a modded Alesis HR-16 which makes funny things when one of the Voice Eproms is removed. The HR-16's audio runs through a Yamaha CS-5 lowpass into a DIY Axoloti-based effects unit with lots of knobs for realtime tweaking Reverb/Delay and a little granulizer. The HR-16's midiclock drives a Volca Drum with Midi-Out-mod. The Volca's sequencer's Midinotes (incl. probablitiy and ratchetings) are converted by a little DIY Midi-box into the suitable notes for the Solin8 (starting at 3:10), a cheap 8bit-glitch teensy-based WAV-Drumsounds-Player with downsampling faders. "

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Oberheim Matrix 6 w/ Stereoping Controller

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via this auction

Matrix-6 SN 7734517
Stereoping SN 0958

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Waldorf Microwave V1 Rev-A Rackmount Wavetable Synthesizer SN 90070A w/ Stereoping Controller

via this auction

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Waldorf Microwave 1A Screaming

video upload by Transisted Waves

"Having fun with the MW1."

With Stereoping micro programmer.

Sunday, April 09, 2023

Sequential Circuits Six Trak w/ Stereoping Six-Tweak Controller

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via this auction

You can find a demo of the Six-Tweak in this post from 2017.

"Here it is, the ultimate gateway drug into the world of sequential circuits. This Six Trak is in perfect working condition and has been professionally serviced in the past few years. See picture for work that was done By previous owner before I purchased it. Also comes with the essential Stereo Ping Six Tweak Midi controller. This gives you hands on tweak ability to all the parameters of the Six Trak!!! So much easier and more enjoyable than menu diving. All buttons are in great shape, all keys work well, knobs all work. AND this synth has the V14 firmware update which address a V11 bug and adds extra functionality to the synth (v11 will be included with the sale)..."

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

2023/04 - Bassline Research Facility - Unreal Musicvideo

video upload by Stereoping

"Ever wanted to have a look behind the scenes of the Stereoping bassline research lab? Here you go. Some dark #303 tunes recorded on a Tascam Model 250 4-tracker.

Musicvideo created with Unreal game engine. Unreal props credits: Polar Sci-Fi Facility and Modular SciFi Season 1&2 from Asset store, 303 from"

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Waldorf Microwave Rackmount Wavetable Synthesizer + Stereoping controller

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via this auction

"It has the wonderful sounding CEM 3389 and OS 2.0 - kind of a PPG synth combining wavetable and analog filter. This machine was checked a couple of days by my tech. Original Performance (English) and Programming (English + German) manuals included, + Stereoping PSU & Manual."

Note Stereoping makes two controllers for the Waldorf Microwave. The more compact version pictured here and a larger version. You can find pics and demos of both in previous posts here. You can compare them to the Microwave Programmer by Access just posted here.

Saturday, October 08, 2022

Stereoping Synth Programmer for Oberheim Matrix-6/6R/1000

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via this auction

"Synthesizer not included. Rack not included."

Note you need OS 2.13 or higher on the Matrix-6 keyboard for it to work.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Stereoping Synth Controller for Clavia Nord Drum 2

video upload by Stereoping

"Demo for the ND2 Edition of the Synth Controller supporting #Clavia #NordDrum 2. Also works with the Nord Drum 3 but not with the first version (with 4 channels) which does not support CC-parameter editing. 6 minutes of editing with some captions what's currently going on. From 6:28 the setup and usage of the GLOBAL MODE is shown. GLOBAL MODE allows simultaneous editing of previously teached parameters on all 6 channels, kind of performance mixer."

Monday, July 04, 2022

2022/07 - Korg SQ-1 and Moog Subharmonicon

video upload by Stereoping

"A song trying to bring the #Korg #SQ-1 and the #Moog #Subharmonicon together in a musical context. More or less successful :-) The Subharmonicons VCOs 1&2 are playing their sequences and are being additionally transposed by the CV outs of line 1&2 from the Korg. Two trigger clocks (16th and a rhythm) are manually 'faded' with a Befaco Morphader and advancing the Korg & Moog together. Additional players: bArp2600 (melody), TD-3, Maxikorg and Subsequent37 (Bass). Everything held together by 4 different rhythms: Volca Drum, MPC1000, Drumkid (triggering another 8bit drumbox) and the Alesis HR16 with custom EPROMs.

Right behind: a bonus track! The raw first (tape!) recording of the musical idea one week earlier. Somehow i like it better, unfortunately i could not reproduce the SQ1 and Harmonicum settings any more. Which do you prefer?"

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

2022/06 - Volca Harmonicon

video upload by Stereoping

"A little song with some diy-gear. Opening with the Volca Sample running the Pajen firmware which allows endless drones with AMP DECAY fully clockwise. 5 notes are mixed with an external Midicontroller. The Moog #Subharmonicon plays along running through a DIY Axoloti-based Reverb/Delay. Second part played by #Summit, #Subsequent37, #OSCar and #TD-3. The Drums are coming from an old Organ voiceboard which is triggered (and powered) by the DIY-808. Other DIY gear used: Midi-RGB-LED lamp for visual feedback of beat&bar, trigger sequencer synching the Subharmonicum and another axoloti based insert-FX for high-feedback-phasing and high-Q-lowpass."

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

2022/04 - TriPhonic 2600 - song 2/3

video upload by Stereoping

"Second result of the tri-polyphonic 2600/keystep experiment. Electronic friends playing along: DIY-808, Syncussion clone and (on 4th keystep track) a TD-3 which is slightly modded for being able to play one octave higher than normal."

Stereoping TriPhonic 2600 posts

Monday, April 04, 2022

2022/04 - TriPhonic 2600 - song 1/3

video upload by Stereoping

"Funny result while learning to work with the Arturia #keystep pro. Each VCO of the #2600 is controlled by it's own Keystep track (VCO 2&3 by CV) and playing individual melody lines through 8 patterns. 4th track going to the #NordDrum2 being realtime controlled with two Synth Controllers. Main drums from a midisynced DIY-808 with manually switched pattern. Song one of three."

Stereoping TriPhonic 2600 posts

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Oberheim Matrix-1000 Through Roland GP-8 with Stereoping Controller - Awesome Chorus

video upload by umusic6

"Running an already great Matrix 1000 String sound thru the Roland GP-8 with just Delay and Chorus activated.
Quite a nice digital (!) Chorus with unusual additional Predelay and Feedback parameters.
As well as a basic but good sounding digital delay.
Everything running through Lexicon 300 Large Hall at the end of the chain."

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