MATRIXSYNTH: Coco the Cat Covers Good Vibrations with a Mini Theremin

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Coco the Cat Covers Good Vibrations with a Mini Theremin

Coco Mini-Theremin Demo Published on Dec 25, 2014 mdaane1

Good Vibrations - Theremin intro

Synth trivia: the theremin sound on Good Vibrations was actually the Tannerin.

"The Electro-Theremin was a unique electronic musical instrument developed by trombonist Paul Tanner and amateur inventor Bob Whitsell in the late 1950s to produce a sound to mimic that of the theremin.[1][2] The Tannerin was a later re-creation of the original. The instrument features a tone and portamento similar to that of the theremin (or thereminvox), but with a different control mechanism. It consisted of a sine wave generator with a knob that controlled the pitch, placed inside a wooden box. The pitch knob was attached to a slider on the outside of the box with some string. The player would move the slider, thus turning the knob to the desired frequency, with the help of markings drawn on the box.

The instrument was custom-built at Tanner's request. Tanner appreciated the theremin's sound, but wanted greater control of pitch and attack. The Electro-Theremin uses mechanical controls, a long slide bar for the pitch (analogous to the slide of the trombone that was Tanner's main instrument) and a knob to adjust volume. This contrasts with the hand movements in space that formed the original theremin's signal feature. The Electro-Theremin also produces a slightly less complex timbre than the original. This is not due to the nature of the instrument, but due to Dr. Theremin's intentional harmonic generation in the output of the Theremin, which Tanner did not do."

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