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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Monde Synthesizer Voltz & Hertz Eurorack Modules at Knobcon

via iomutech

Note this is from the same Monde Synthesizer that brought us the MS5 Pannerama back in 2011.

From their website, their eurorack line-up currently consists of the following:

"The Z Series

These products establish the foundation for a complete synthesizer voice with special emphasis on integrating external devices such as guitars, foot pedals, microphones.

Inz Musical instrument interface

Unique features: provides input level control for wide range of inputs without range switching. One jack provides input for either balanced and unbalanced instruments and microphones. Bonus feature: an accessible voltage inverter.

Musical Benefits: allows you to integrate external sound sources. Used to control eurorack synthesizer modules from external instruments. Positive and negative CV can be used for filter and amplitude contours. The gate output can be used to control envelop generator modules. Single jack minimizes panel width.


Pedz Expression pedal interface

Unique features: simultaneous bi and unipolar outputs; auxiliary VCA which can be controlled by foot pedal input or by other modules.

Musical Benefits: connect an expression pedal to operate like an organ swell pedal, guitar wha-wha pedal, or stereo panning pedal in conjunction with other modules.


Stompz Effects pedal interface

Unique features: allows you to integrate guitar stomp boxes with your modular synthesizer. Provides active multiples and a voltage inverter as auxiliary features.

Musical benefits: allows you to integrate a wide variety of effects pedals into your modular synthesizer. An example would be processing a VCO through an external chorus pedal.


Voltz Control voltage processor with digital volt meter

Unique features: up to four fixed voltage outputs; up to 4 attenuated/inverted outputs; as well as a summed output and an "or"-ed voltage output. Complemented with an integrated digital voltage display.

Musical benefits: allows precise tuning of control voltages and aids in patch recall.


Hertz Audio Mixer with frequency counter

Unique features: two summed outputs for an ideal front end to one or more filters - either in parallel or series.
Complemented with an integrated frequency counter displaying either numeric frequency or musical notes.

Musical benefits: aids in precise tuning of LFOs and VCOs, aids in patch recall, and when used in conjunction with the Inz allows tuning of external instruments.


Panz System output module comprised of four VCAs

Unique features: one VCA used for the master amplitude contour, another VCA is for modulation within the master contour or hold function, and the other two VCAs provide manual or voltage control panning. With carefully thought-out normalization and easy-to-use control voltage processing it also provides system-level outputs to other modules as well as a line-level stereo output pair.

Musical benefits: convenient integration of common output stage functions. Provides Loudness contour, tremolo, and stereo panning.


Ribbonz Ribbon controller with LFO and portamento

Unique features: triggered LFO with variable delay with two output waveforms. Also provides portamento with switchable destinations. Includes eurorack breakout panel and two meter interconnect cable.

Musical benefits: controlling musical pitch, triggering filter and loudness contours. With pressure output suitable for controlling vibrato. Built in LFO can be used for vibrato, wha-wha, and tremolo."

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