MATRIXSYNTH: Minilogue through Microbrute Filter- and a Roland Tape Delay - TR8

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Minilogue through Microbrute Filter- and a Roland Tape Delay - TR8

Published on Feb 27, 2016 Earmonkey Music

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"NOTE--THERE are lots of extreme volume fluctuations here. Sorry about that. But just be careful if you're listening on headphones.... SO...I had a request to demo what the Minilogue sounds like through the Microbrute Steiner-Parker filter. My take on it? It sounds bad ass. Like a Bad Ass Boss. I start simple in the video, as usual. Just one square wave from the Minilogue with no modulation at all, running into the audio input of the Microbrute. I tried to sweep the filter with differing amounts of resonance and Brute Factor so you can see how the Microbrute filter affects the Minilogue.

After a bit of noodling, I started a simple sequence from the Minilogue and used the Micro's filter and sequencer. Simple drum pattern playing on the TR8. By using the sequencer, you get the envelope to modulate as well. Ideally, you'd have a Keyboard going in to the Micro to control the envelope with note-on, note-off info, but you get a very interesting delay type effect when you use the sequencer, and change the rate relative to the Minilogue.

I just can't seem to lay off the Roland RE-301 Space Echo, so you get some tape delay in this video as well. I felt like I should be auditioning for a Flock of Seagulls cover band at one point (you'll notice).

But I hope you enjoy this little demo. The Micro's Steiner Parker filter is much more aggressive than the Minilogue's and is a really nice complement to it"

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