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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ARP Odyssey 2800 MK1 Whiteface with New England Analog PYSIX Aftertouch Mod & Space Panels

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"This is a truly awesome and rare synth to come across. While containing the original vintage parts, this synth was also modified to enhance the playability and look.

A few quick specs on the synth. It has 37 keys. It is surprisingly lightweight and portable, weighing a little over 20 pounds. It measures roughly 23 (L) x 18 (W) x 7 (H).

It has two oscillators, an LFO, high pass filter, other standard features, and some other cool additions such as portamento, noise, S/H, oscillator sync, and ring mod. It sounds phenomenal- it has a very gritty vintage vibe, but also produces cutting lead tones similar to a Model D. The low end is very fat and gets a nice squeal sound when the resonance is pushed. Mentioning the resonance, it is extremely powerful (be careful!)- it self oscillates really easily- i find it sounds best at the mid to 3/4 mark on the pot. The HPF is very smooth and can produce a wide range of tones just by opening and closing the filter slightly. My favorite features without a doubt are the noise and ring mod. I have never enjoyed using noise more than I do with this synth. The ring mod also gives your tone a nice nasty kick in the high end and sounds great! Other features such as adjustable pulse width, adjustable S/H, and oscillator sync are very handy. It is without a doubt a beast of an analog synth!

The physical condition is good given the age of the synth. There is some wear across the front panel, including various dents, marks and scratches. Most of this wear is small and is not noticeable unless viewed close up. The lettering on the synth is also in good shape. All of the wording on the white front panel is legible and unfaded. The ARP Odyssey logo on the right front has a couple of smudge marks. The logo and lettering on the back of the Odyssey is in very good shape, with little wear or fading. The original "Model 2800" sticker on the back is also in great shape.

Functionally, this synth is in very good condition. It seems that every knob and function is working well. The pots are working pretty smoothly and do not have much resistance or scratchiness. This synth was recently calibrated in April of this year, so it should be set to work reliably for a while! It is likely that this synth will need to be maintained and/or repaired every now and then, so please keep that in mind.

Now I would like to mention the awesome mods done to this synth. This Odyssey has been customized with "Galaxy" themed sides! These sides look superb because they are not over the top flashy, but add a nice visual element to the synth. They were given a protective paint coating so the design will not fade or smudge when touched.

On top of these sides, the most notable and important mod is the next level aftertouch keyboard. This is not your normal aftertouch, because it is fully customizable! As you can see in the photos, the front panel has a "Pyxis" aftertouch system installed. This system basically lets you control the effect of the aftertouch. You can route the aftertouch to the LFO, the cutoff filter, VCA, and pitch bend. You can also control things like LFO speed and the cutoff point of the filter with the adjustable knobs on the Pyxis panel. You can even have these parameters in use simultaneously. This is a very handy and high end mod that really brings this synth to another level!

This synth also includes an LFO free run mod. There is one more switch on the synth, but I am actually not sure of what it does. I believe it might be some sort of reverse function for the Pyxis, but I have never used it."

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