MATRIXSYNTH: Dirt Clocking the Piston Honda

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Dirt Clocking the Piston Honda

Published on Aug 31, 2016 davidryl

"Not really 'clocking' but slowing down the output waveform frequency on The Harvestman Piston Honda Mk1 by using a -4 volt input from the Q123 Standards module to the center frequency.

Sending modulation into the Yon CV input from a Sputnik West Coast Random Source. Also a slow LFO from the Intellijel Quadra into the Hither CV.

The ROM selections were Hither = C and Yon = D of the B.Smith chip set.

Morph Discontinuity was fully smoothed and both Hither and Yon were interpolated waveforms.

Towards the end section I was manually morphing the waveform position to find nice little drone "nodes". What is normally a blistering high frequency turned into a smooth midrange tone. I love the Piston Honda!

Additional flange effect was the Synthetic Sound Labs 1210 Digital Delay with modulation from the WCRS.

Two Lexicon MX200's in reverb and reverse delay modes were the final effects.

Recorded in two passes to Cubase. Video edited in Final Cut Pro."

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