MATRIXSYNTH: Introducing the SYNTH-WERK SW 6401M Bode Ring Modulator 5U Module

Friday, September 23, 2016

Introducing the SYNTH-WERK SW 6401M Bode Ring Modulator 5U Module


"It was probably electronic music pioneer Karlheinz Stockhausen’s use of the ring modulator that inspired an entire generation of rock musicians. Stockhausen’s Mixture (1964) for example, was written for a ring modulated symphony orchestra.

Ring modulation is often used to simulate the sounds of tuned percussion instruments that produce inharmonic frequency spectra, such as bells and chimes. It can also produce timbres that are difficult to achieve by any other method of synthesis.

Among all signal processors the multiplier-type ring modulator takes a unique position, since it is capable of converting existing sounds into new sounds with entirely different overtone spectra.

The SW 6401M is based on the original design of Harald Bode from 1967. The design is a circuit involving a ring of diodes and transformers forming a four quadrant multiplier. To accomplish a one unit module, the transformers UTC-A20 have been replaced by smaller vintage UTC SO 15P transformers"

Harald Bode

Old R. A. Moog advert.

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