MATRIXSYNTH: Modular Jam 59 'Sex Drive'

Monday, September 19, 2016

Modular Jam 59 'Sex Drive'

Published on Sep 18, 2016 ngarjuna

Borderline NSFW, so all you peeps at work, be warned! Great track though so be sure to check it out later if you can't now.

"Patch Notes:
Drums, bass and modular percussion elements were from an older session (from before I started keeping patch notes unfortunately). Drums were in Patterning processed through Flux and Filtatron and Replicant. The bass patches were all west coast patches made with 258 VCOs, Optomix and Maths. The modular percussion was also made with the same sort of arrangement (probably being modulated by PEG and Wogglebug...sorry it was a while ago)

Acid Patch 1
Standard-ish acid patch:
Seq 1 driving Rubicon sigmoid into VCF-303
303 EGs out (through Maths for mix) to uVCA

Acid Patch 2
There are two variants, Bandpass (A) and Lowpass (3 pole):
Sequencer 1 triggering Maths ch1 and Dual ADSR (Gate) and Minimod EGs (Accent)
Pitch going to Cranial Saw in sawtooth with a tiny bit of sub
Into Polaris modulated by Rubicon sine (via uVCA modulated by PEG OR) at audio rate in FM1, mix of Wogglebug Stepped Out and Maths ch1 envelope (on gate) and an accent envelope from the Minimod (AD)
Wogglebug smooth providing fall modulation to Maths ch1
Dual ADSR ch1 into Minimod VCA (Gate), Minimod EG2 into Minimod VCA (Accent)

All made with the TransVocal Discombobulator (my own little monstrosity made from Uhe Diva, Zynaptiq Morph and Cytomic's The Drop)

2016 Acid Coast"

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