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Monday, October 31, 2016

Mysteries Of The trautaniks Subharmonic Generator

Mysteries Of The Subharmonic Generator 1

Published on Oct 30, 2016 Ghost Money

From the maker of the Trautonium VT.

"The first of two presentations on the subharmonic generator. A Look at the very singular 'sawtooth' wave of the mixtur-trautonium in comparison with conventional oscillators.

For a very interesting read on the history and development of electronic music in Germany you can download Instruments for New Music Sound, Technology, and Modernism, byThomas Patteson for free at:"

Mysteries Of The Subharmonic Generator 2

Published on Oct 31, 2016 Ghost Money

"The second presentation looks at the operation and theory of the subharmonic generator.

The following table shows the differences between equal temperament and the output of the subharmonic generator in cents.

1 c7
2 c6+1
3 f5-3
4 c5
5 g#4
6 f4-3
7 d4+30
8 c4-2
9 a#3-5
10 g#3+12
11 f#3+49
12 f3-3
13 e3-44
14 d3+28
15 c#3+9
16 c3-2
17 b2-6
18 a#2-5
19 a2+2
20 g#2+13
21 g2+29
22 f#2+49
23 f#2-30
24 f2-5

I derived this a while ago using melodyne and a Doepfer A-113, but it's the same principle.

For a detailed explanation of pythagorean tuning in ralation to equal temperament:

For Thomas Patteson's book, Instruments for New Music
Sound, Technology, and Modernism

©James Worthington october 2016"

Update: I asked Ghost Money if the module used Doepfer's A-133 Subharmonic Generator components or were original designs.  Here is what he had to say:

"Hi, They were built for me by trautoniks. J├╝rgen worked on Oskar's Halbleiter, or semiconductor trautonium's subharmonic generator, so based on the original design. It's worth pointing out that the saw shapers are quite substantial circuits in themselves on these modules. One can see and hear that they produce very distinct and variable waveforms in the preceding video."

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