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Saturday, October 08, 2016

New Moog Prodigy ER-16 Eurorack Module by EnsureSound

You might remember the Moog Prodigy Clone by EnsureSound. It is now available in eurorack format, complete with patch points.

via this auction

"We would like to attract your attention the analogue modular synthesizer PRODIGY ER-16. Exactly it is the modified clone of the famous analogue synthesizer MOOG PRODIGY, known in the all music world. The synthesizer PRODIGY ER-16 does not sound worse as original. On the contrary, it sounds just excellent. We can say with certainty that the PRODIGY ER-16 is the same MOOG PRODIGY, but it has the new look only. With the analogue synthesizer PRODIGY ER-16 you can enjoy the full range of synthetic sounds – from gentle to acid. Listen samples and you will see it.

The format EURO RACK 42HP is one more excellent feature of the PRODIGY ER-16 . It is full compatible with standards of DOEPFER and easy will fit into your systems.

Technical specification Prodigy ER-16:

Two voltage control oscillators VCO1 (SAW, TRI, PULSE) and VCO2 (SAW, TRI, SQR)
Two octave dividers VCO1 (32', 16', 8') and VCO2 (16', 8', 4')
Mixer for OSCs and NOISE
PITCH/SYNC for control VCOs
Classic Moog ladder VCF -24dB/oct
OSC and FILTER modulation inputs
Two Envelope generators (A, D/R, S)
Anodized aluminum 2,5 mm black panel with classic design 42HP
Standard MINI-JACK 3mm input/output connectors
Dual and Single oscillators CV input (2 voice poly emulation)
Noise generator (pink, white) with level control
GATE, S-TRIG, SPIKE inputs with LED control
External audio input with level control
OSC2 signal outputs (SAW, TRI, SQR)
LFO synchronization with LED control, 3 band divider for LFO speed
Dual modulation SW for OSCs and VCF with potentiometer control
Standard DOEPFER power connector 16 pin with internal CV/GATE
Jumpers for ON/OFF internal CV/GATE
The new concept SINGLE UNIT ANALOGUE SYNTHESIZER is not the module. This is the valuable synthesizer, which is self-sufficient and can be expand by additional modules from your system (modulation, effects, sequencers ….)."

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