MATRIXSYNTH: New STEREOPING 'Thet4' Hardware Controller for the DSI Theta

Saturday, October 08, 2016

New STEREOPING 'Thet4' Hardware Controller for the DSI Theta

'Thet4' - Hardwarecontroller demo for DSI Theta

Published on Oct 7, 2016 stereoping

"The 'Thet4' edition of the Stereoping Synth Controller for the DSI TetrA. It allows direct access to most of the parameters through 3 lighted pushbuttons and 16 HQ-pots. Small and powerful, very well designed and optimized especially for the Tetra's unique features. Besides the obvious parameters for OSC tunings/waveforms/glidetimes you can e.g. tweak Unison, Feedback, Audio Mod or Pan Spread without any menu diving. Directly set your VCF and VCA envelope and have fun with the blue modulation-layer which offers LFO 1/2/3 Amounts and Times and Mod 1/2/3 Amounts and the complete ENV 3 parameters. Bonus feature: control all 16 steps of Sequencer 1 & 2 directly with the 16 pots!

The video shows 3 examples, musicaly surely not the coolest tune but you'll - hopefully - get the idea how this midicontroller works.

Example 1 contains tweaking of OSC and VCF paras. Volca Sample is midisequenced by FL Studio.

Example 2 demoes the benefit of the blue modulation layer. A patch of the TetrA was optimized by setting the right modulation destinations for LFOs 1-3 and Mod 1-3. The video subtitles are telling you what's going on.

The third example is dedicated to the extra feature of this edition: controling Sequencer 1 and 2 directly through the 16 pots. Seq 1's destination is set to OSC FREQ, Seq 2 to Cutoff. The midinotes sent to the TetrA are not held long enough to reach the steps beyond 6. Otherwize the video would have been much longer and even more enoying. But you can trust me: all 16 steps can be controlled.

Thanks for watching"

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