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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sketch for the Lost

Published on Oct 11, 2016 voltlife

"An ambient track based on subtle polymetric sequences and timbral variation.

Harmonic drone/sequence: Verbos Harmonic Oscillator into Clouds pitch shifting +1 octave with slight feedback. 7-note Moskwa sequence to HO scan input; slow LFO into width.

Main slow melody: MS20 Mini triangle wave (with subtly resonant filters) through uFold into long delay. Choices joystick controls fold amount and amount of LFO to uFold symmetry. MS 20 sequenced by Verbos Voltage Multistage through A156 and poorly calibrated English Tear (so the low notes go off key, but interestingly, I think), advanced by three gates in each 7-step Moskwa cycle.

Thin backup melody: MS20 multed to A189-1 for subtle bitcrushing, through Serge Resonant EQ into Wow & Flutter for short and wobbly delay. LFO modulates bit reduction; manual tweaking of EQ and delay feedback."

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