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Friday, November 25, 2016

Are Minikeys are the WORST THING EVER!! ?

Published on Nov 25, 2016 mootbooxle

Watch this one through. What do you all think?

"Are these 'Slim Keys' really the evil, terrible, unusable thing that critics say they are? Well, watch and find out!

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  1. I agree - I regularly have a mini-key controller next to my computer and can play fine on it. The problem most people have is that *if you are used to*, and play all the time, on full-size keys, then *of course* you get a massive culture shock when picking up a small-key keyboard, because it's tiny compared to what your brain and fingers have been using. However, if you put aside the full size keys, and *only* use small key keyboards for a while, you adapt perfectly well (and then full size keys seem unplayably massive!).

    You can also look at these small key / small range keyboards as simply small triggering devices for simple parts, and for use while programming patches, which you can play properly from your regular full size keyboards for anything more demanding.

    So no, I personally don't *hate* them at all, I like the small footprint, and I can use my full size keyboards when I want as required... And it doesn't seem to have affected the resale value of DX100's or CS01's.

    And for the time mini-keys seem way too big, there's always the Casio VL-Tone...! :)

  2. Although I would never buy another synth with minikeys, I do own a Korg MicroStation and the keys on it are actually very usable. Too bad Korg doesn't use those on other synths. The keys on the Microkorg, for example, are terrible.



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