MATRIXSYNTH: DSI OB-6/Korg MS-20 Mini/Roland TR-8/Strymon Big Sky & Timeline - Big Time, Sky Line

Thursday, November 03, 2016

DSI OB-6/Korg MS-20 Mini/Roland TR-8/Strymon Big Sky & Timeline - Big Time, Sky Line

1. DSI OB-6/Korg MS-20 Mini/Roland TR-8/Strymon Big Sky & Timeline - Big Time, Sky Line

A quick little Sunday jam featuring my new favourite synthesizer the DSI/Tom Oberheim OB-6! The OB-6 is holding a pad that's LFO clock synced to modulate various parameters over time. That shares a stereo image with a Strymon Big Sky. The MS-20 is going into the Timeline for rhythmic delays. The TR-8 is on one track, dry, shitty, and over compressed.

2. Korg MS-20 Mini/Dave Smith OB-6/Roland TR-8/Strymon Big Sky - Mason Jar

"It's been a LONGGG time since I posted anything and I've been wanting to do something with drums for awhile now! I've recently been selling off tons of gear to fund a small but high end minimal set up and although I'm not quite there yet, I did manage to throw this together in one quick take. Here's what's happening:

Arturia Beat Step Pro is sending a sequence to the MS-20 mini via midi. The TR-8 is synced to the clock and somewhat pre programmed. The MS-20 is also being sent to a Strymon Big Sky (though I did add some UAD Lexicon 224 to it and the drums afterwords). The OB-6 has a two note, one chord sequence held down consistently that has a tempo synced LFO modulating the filter frequency and type. Everything was done live in one take and no over dubs, though I did add some quick and sloppy automation while mixing.

Everything was tracked through UAD's Studer tape plug-in and the MS-20 had a little compression from an LA-3A. I threw an 1176 on the stereo track of the TR-8, though its not compressing much. On the master bus there's UAD master tape and another 1176 doing some work! I don't mind noise. I don't mind hiss. And I love throwing tape plug ins on everything. Even if it isn't doing much, it comforts me.

I've recently gotten really into Pye Corner Audio's Head Technician side project which used nothing but a 303, 202, and 606. I felt super inspired by that minimalism and hope to get a similar set up going soon! Regardless, that's why my MS-20 probably ended up wishing it was a 303 in this video. Sorry. I'll take a TB-03 for christmas though Santa!"


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