MATRIXSYNTH: Tauntek Firmware Update for the AKAI AX80 Synthesizer

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tauntek Firmware Update for the AKAI AX80 Synthesizer

This one in via MATRIXSYNTH reader Tim:

"Akai AX80 owners out there might fins this interesting — I’ve been involved with beta testing a firmware upgrade for the Akai AX80, which adds a number of features.

You gain the ability to save and load your patches via MIDI, as gain CC/SYSEX abilities. There are some other nice upgrades in there, like having a live VCF cutoff control, the ability to toggle the LFO to free running from triggered, and having the current patch number displayed when saving. I even managed be able to edit every parameter at the same time via MIDI CC! The filter control is definitely steppy, but oddly enough, it seems a lot smoother when modulated via MIDI CC.

The site with the info is here:

If you can flash your own EPROMs, then it’s a free upgrade, or you can order the chip, which is pretty cheap ($30) and simple to swap out."

Tauntek also did CC upgrade mods for the Sequential Circuits Max & Multi-Trak.

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