MATRIXSYNTH: Overcast Minilogue Ambience (with Clouds)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Overcast Minilogue Ambience (with Clouds)

Published on Dec 30, 2016 Nick Jackson

"Today I figured it was time for my Minilogue and Mutable modules to mingle once again.

The Minilogue is being sequenced by it's own internal sequencer - just a simple repeating chord pattern. I've found that the Mini's sequencer is very flawed and quirky, but sometimes that can lead to some very nice results. It seems to mess up the chords that I program into it, sometimes removing notes or even adding extra notes an octave up. It's almost like it gets confused as to what octave to play when it has to think fast. So that's what happened here, and I really liked to way it ended up sounding.

Mini then goes out to Mutable Instruments Ripples and then into Clouds, which is having its' Freeze, Density, Size, and Texture modulated by a Uoki Toki 4LFO. The slow modulations add subtle changing characteristics to the sound and keeps things interesting. I think I need some more LFO's..

The mix comes out of Clouds and into a Strymon BlueSky for some shimmer reverb. I like to use the BlueSky with the reverb time almost all the way up, which really adds this lush ambient wash underneath everything, almost like a droning pad.

It sounded so nice I decided to just leave it alone for a bit, but around the 4-minute mark I begin to tweak the patch a bit. I started playing with the Mini's built in delay feedback, and tweaking the Density of Clouds a bit. I quickly realized that this could get out of hand fast so instead I moved over to the BlueSky and began very slowly cranking up the reverb mix. I really like doing this, as it almost 'disintegrates' the piece into this big washy reverby mess. I like big washy reverby messes.

Around the 12 minute mark my camera stopped recording like it pretty much always does, but I decided to keep the audio rolling like I pretty much always do. One day I'll upload a real nice professional quality video with no technical difficulties, but today is just simply not that day.

As always, I hope you can sit and enjoy these sounds for a little bit. Thank you very much for taking the time to listen."


Overcast Minilogue Ambience #2

Published on Dec 30, 2016

"Another riff I stumbled upon while playing with the Minilogue today.

This is the same exact setup as my video from earlier today..Minilogue, sequenced by it's own sequencer, into Ripples, into Clouds, with a Uoki Toki 4LFO modulating the Freeze, Density, Texture, and Size of Clouds, then into a Strymon BlueSky for some shimmer reverb.

As always, thanks for watching, hope you enjoy!"

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