MATRIXSYNTH: Akai S612 Sampler with Front Panel Animator (MIDI) Mod with MD280

Friday, January 20, 2017

Akai S612 Sampler with Front Panel Animator (MIDI) Mod with MD280

via this auction


Incredible vintage 2U rack sampler. think this was the first widely commercial available sampler? Incredible 12-bit, 4-32Khz sound (discrete 8-voice polyphonic, each with their own variable sample rate DAC(!)). Hands on control with sample start and end sliders. Paraphonic analog filter.

recently overhauled: full inspection by tech, all controls cleaned, power supply transistors replaced (apparently notorious for blowing and breaking the whole unit), chassis cleaned. in great condition

installed. I'll quote the creator on this:
Quote: The venerable S612 sampler was designed by David Cockerell in the early 1980s as one of the first "affordable" studio samplers on the market. Completely crushed in terms of specification by today's standards with its 1 second sample memory in max sample rate and ultra basic MIDI implementation the 612 still has a following. This is in part because it is remarkably simply to use and has a peculiar manual splicing control permitting the start and end points to be moved and even reversed in real time."

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