MATRIXSYNTH: 031517 - Swing/Shuffle Super Saw Synth Jam: Arp Odyssey - Roland Boutique JP-08 - Tama TS305

Thursday, March 16, 2017

031517 - Swing/Shuffle Super Saw Synth Jam: Arp Odyssey - Roland Boutique JP-08 - Tama TS305

Published on Mar 16, 2017 R E : S o u n d

"All tracks recorded live, in a single take, with no mixing, editing, or post-production done after the fact.

In a seires of firsts, I decided to make sort of a super saw patch on my JP-08, experiment with the swing feature on the BeatStep Pro, and jam on a less ambient piece with a faster, more upbeat tempo. I tried to keep this one a bit shorter (about 2 1/2 minutes), as it's a little more repetitive than the slower stuff.

The super saw patch is dual layer, slightly detuned on three of the four oscillators, with some cross modulation and delayed LFO to pitch modulation on one layer for movement. I then ran the signal through an Electrix Filter Factory on 12dB/oct LPF. Sequeced by BeatStep Pro via MIDI.

The bass line is handled by the Odyssey, with some LFO to LPF modulation added in for a bit. Sequenced by BeatStep Pro via MIDI.

The drums are coming from a Tama Techstar TS305, triggered from the drum CV gate outs on the BeatStep Pro drum sequence into the TS305's individual trigger inputs.

Mixed on PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2, with a bit of reverb and delay added, with the mix headphone output sent directly into my GoPro. There is also some of the mic on my phone mixed in because I didn't know until afterward that the headphone line on the mixer wasn't plugged all the way in, which left me with my awesome stereo mix signal being smashed into mono and coming only from the left channel. So, apologies for the poor audio. Video recorded on GoPro Hero 2 and iPhone 7s Plus, edited in iMovie on my iPhone.


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