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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

EarthQuaker Devices transmisser and space spiral synth jam session

Published on Mar 22, 2017 ollilaboratories

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here is a story... Thing is that quite some time ago I was watching the knobs YT channel and this really quirky feature movie popped up about a company in Akron, EarthQuaker Devices.. I had seen some demos on their pedals before, but mainly for guitars, sort of discarded them because they didn't seem to fit my sound.. but this new feature video really triggered my interest and I decided to order a couple pedals.. time passed and I forgot about it. Much later I saw again a brilliant knobs demo of the new space spiral pedal and thought, what the heck.. let's save up some cash and buy that and the transmisser.. said and done.

Some months later.. I finally got them.. and O_M_G.... they are SO spaced out, anything I put through them sounds like a zombie unicorn taking a rainbow dump on the synth and sends it to a cave on Saturn (You completely get it right?). It's incredible how musical they are... I will continue messing around on other tracks, not sure where I will go next, but I don't feel they are one trick unicorns as the sonic capabilities seem to be huge.

The tune you hear is me recycling my own Volca keys movement track... using the Volca keys that passes through the reface CP before it hits the space spiral and then the transmisser.

Note, no levels and/or other stuff was tended to... I just turned the gear on and started recording, so you might hear some occasional hum and hiss.. eg. no sugar coating, exactly the same way it would sound at your place.

Note, I have the ditto looper on the floor playing a reverse piano thingy mid track.. just to add some extra harmonics. All else you hear, is the keys with some Yamaha reface CP layered from time to time.

Enjoy! :D"

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