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Friday, April 21, 2017

Blue Lantern Dwarf Star Semi-Modular Synth

via this auction

"Lightly used semi modular synth w/ hand made wooden desktop stand

Manufacturer description:
The Dwarf Star is a Semi-Modular Synthesizer with fully analog signal path.

The system features two triangle core VCOs, a 12dB analog filter, two linear-based envelope generators, twin VCAs (stereo output), 2 LFOs (1 VCLFO & 1 Skew LFO), Sample and Hold, a VC Noise Generator, a Mixer and a stereo "vintage sounding" delay!

The triangle core VCOs use a discrete transistor array for triangle generation. The Bergfotron Advanced VCO was the initial influence in the making of these VCOs.

You get a superior quad VCA based analog filter. This particular filter is mixable, meaning there are outputs for lowpass, band pass, high pass, notch, and all pass. You are able to select which capacitors (470pf and 120pf) are used.

The filter also features a diode limiter for controlling extreme settings. This is a unique feature you will not see on any other desktop synth., The mixer section and filter go hand in hand. The mixer section will saturate the filter if the level knobs are close to fully clockwise. So, you get an extreme and soft sound palette.

The mixer section does not require any patching. All basic waves are available. VCO 1 generates two sub-harmonic pulse frequencies. This is a unique feature and provides a very fat sound!

The PPL VC Noise Generator's large metal knob allows you to sweep from asteroids (like the Defender arcade game blast FX) to white noise. This is another unique feature.

The two linear-based Envelope generators are analog and have individual loop LFOs. There is a timing capacitor switch to allow for short or long envelopes. One envelope is hard-wired to the filter and the other to the twin VCAs.

The twin VCAs give you a stereo output. Each CVA gate knob is individually controllable. There is a 3.5mm jack to patch up a rotor stereo effect. The output on the VCA section also contains a synth level to line level converter.

The VCLFO has a triangle core. The CV section has exponential CV and a special linear CV section. The linear CV section allows for arpeggio like crescendos when patches with another LFO.

The Skew LFO does not voltage control and is basic. It is similar to the MS-20 LFO in design. It has a triangle shaper with output, and pulse width output.

The Sample and Hold uses the Skew LFO for the clock. You need to patch something to the input jack and patch the output jack to a destination. This is a "free floating" section.

The Stereo "Vintage Sounding" Delay uses twin PT2399 chips to simulate BBD chips. It makes cool delay trails and each control features CV Inputs.

The 1/4" jack outputs are unbalanced.


2 Triangle-Core VCOs
12dB Analog Filter w/ unique Diode Limiter
Mixer Section w/ Overdrive and "patch-free" mixing
PPL VC Noise Generator
2 LFOs
Twin VCAs (Stereo)
Sample & Hold
Vintage Sounding Delay
Stereo 1/4" Outputs"

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