MATRIXSYNTH: Modular Field Trip Ep. 1 - Tidal Ambience with Mutable Instruments Rings, & Moog Mother 32

Monday, April 03, 2017

Modular Field Trip Ep. 1 - Tidal Ambience with Mutable Instruments Rings, & Moog Mother 32

Published on Apr 3, 2017 ann annie

"Everything you are hearing and seeing was recorded in real time!
Took my station wagon Wilma (Wilma Wagon) out to the beach today for some nice ambient patching. This will be the start of a new series, each episode with a new natural wonder, each with a new patch and each episode featuring Wilma. Enjoy!

This Patch’s Secrets:
***Power was graciously received from Wilma Wagon’s battery and a power inverter. Audio was recorded with a Scarlett 2i2, and some DI boxes.
// Key Pings: Moog Mother 32
LFO Rate is randomly controlled by its own assignable output
Sequencer is randomly reset at random intervals also from its assignable output.

// Drone: Rings
Rings is receiving Mother 32’s KB output for the v/o
Intellijel Dixie II in LFO mode is controlling Ring’s Structure CV using the sine wave output
Ring’s is being strummed by Mother 32’s LFO Square Wave
Brightness is controlled by Mother 32’s VCO Pulse Wave
The triangle wave output from Dixie ii attenuated by Triatt is controlling the Position CV.
Mother 32’s triangle wave is attenuated then sent into Rings frequency CV for a very small amount of vibrato.

// Effects
The Mother 32’s output is being fed into a Boss ME-50 which supplies heavy amounts of reverb and delay. It is also run through the JHS Alpine and then into a second delay, the MXR Carbon Copy.

Rings output is being sent though into Ocean Verb set in Shimmer mode. The mix is 75% Wet output.

Faintly in the background is the natural audio captured by the camera’s mic. This is unaffected."

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