MATRIXSYNTH: Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2017 - MOOGFEST - Lia Scott

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2017 - MOOGFEST - Lia Scott

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Lia Harmon

"A circuit bent Stylophone, Voice Changer toy and Violin. Entry for Moogfest 2017 Circuit Bending Challenge

Here is the Bill Of Materials

1. Stylophone (Found at Goodwill for $4.99)
2. Voice Changer Toy (Found at Goodwill for $1.00)
3. Violin and bow (found at Junk Store for $40)
4. Solder ($5.00)
5. Solid core wire ($2.00 at habitat for humanity)
6. Aligator Clips ($1.00)
7. Piezo Mic ($1.00)
8. Double Stick Tape (had some at home)
9. 9V battery ($2.00)
10. SPDT Switch ($.49 cents)
11. Red Wire (had some in tool box)
12. MONO 3.5mm audio cable ($.50 cents)

Instruction Steps:

1. Open up the Stylophone with small Phillips screwdriver and removed circuit and speaker
2. Removed pitch potentiometer
3. Open up voice changer and remove circuit and speaker
4. Wire the pitch pot back onto the voice changer with 500K Pot
5. Apply Double Sided tape to top of Stylophone keyboard circuit and place under violin fret board.
6. Cut out 9V battery compartment with hacksaw for battery holder
7. Take battery holder and solder power wires in.
8. Place battery holder behind bridge carefully!
9. Solder Piezo Mic to the 'MP3 input' on the Stylophone and double stick tape the piezo to the bridge
10. Solder one of the speakers to the speaker wires on the Stylophone and double stick tape the speaker to the boy of the violin
11. (optional) connect 3.5mm jack in parallel with the speaker connections for AUX output
12. Double stick tape the voice changer circuit board to the body of the violin, do this as well for the 2nd speaker
13. Solder the voice changer battery wires to the 9V battery holder. Add an optional SPDT switch in series with one of the battery wires (if you want an on/off switch).
14. Connect a long wire to the Stylophone stylus cable and solder a banjo pick to the end of the long wire.
15. Make or buy four 1-2 foot alligator clip wires
16. Connect end of Alligator clip wires to each of the four violin strings and then connect the other ends to the desired note of the Stylophone keyboard. When you touch the strings with the banjo pick, the stylophone will make noise.
17. Take small microphone from the voice changer and connect (solder) it to the 3.5mm audio cable. Use wire to wrap it around the mic for greater support.

The mic of the voice changer can affect your voice or be used to pickup the sound from the Stylophone. The mic can also be used as a percussion instrument by making sounds on the body of the violin, strings and feedback when touching the voice changer speaker."

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