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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Electronic Dream Plant WASP

via this auction

"Here’s an Electronic Dream Plant WASP monophonic analog synth. 2 VCOs, VCF, LFO, etc. etc. you know the specs.

It has been owned by Electrical Audio, for many years. Legend has it that this synth was sold to our studio owner Steve Albini by the band Broadcast when they were on tour many years ago. Steve may be misremembering, though.

This specific WASP has been modified significantly:

The body was reinforced with a metal plate, which you can see in the pictures. One of the corners is cracked.

The power jack was replaced with one that allows it to be powered by the more standard 9V Boss-type connector (center negative).

This one was recently worked on by our studio tech. He replaced the line out jack, which restored headphone and internal speaker function. Also worked on some of the switches, which are much more consistent now.

Missing a few knob covers.

The “tune” pot is missing its shaft and cover, as you can see in the pics.

The “keyboard sensitivity” pot is obscured by said metal plate, but can be adjusted with a small flathead screwdriver.

This is an old, well-loved WASP, and as such, it has some scratchy pots, temperamental switches, etc., so please set your expectations accordingly. Still, this is an absolute joy to play."

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