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Friday, June 09, 2017

Eurorack Modular Videos by Justin Melland

Published on Jun 2, 2017 Justin Melland


1. Enter The Ninja - Morphagene + Bruce Lee = ProudNinja

"Who is K@T Ninja 9. Enter The Ninja.

Verbos System being manhandled by Malekko Varigate 8 and Voltage Block. Rossum filter being pinged for percussive effect. Noise Engineering for percussion and for Bass. Bruce Lee for Morphagene."

2. Verbos Amp and Tone, Kick and Bass (!!!)

"The verbos VCA sounds so fantastic, I had to make sure I had two, so I could make sure that I had one to make a kick drum, and one to make his complex oscillator sound like a million bucks! #verbos #modularsynth #analogsynth"


"Using the Make Noise System, but replacing the DPO with the ATSS 259, to make a random patch, that somehow swallowed my awesome coffee."


"This piece is made of three voices.

1. The Kick. I made it by sending an envelope from Maths into MMG in self oscillation mode.
2. The Pad. Mysteron is being manhandled by the Stillson Hammer MK 2 sequencer moving very slowing. The echophon is giving it depth. Then I sent it into Big Sky for a huge tail.
3. The Bass. ATSS 259. There is no substitute :)"

5. Tomorrow's Dream 1

"This piece is done entirely with the ATTS 259 Oscillator and Synthesis Technology Cloud Generator as sound sources. For the 259, first I ran a sequence into the Timbre parameter to give it a rhythm without changing the pitch. Then I processed both outputs in parallel, sending differently timed envelopes from Maths into Optomix, and then I processed both outputs through MODdemix with a carrier signal that I made by running a raw triangle wave into Doepfer’s Wave Manipulator. Then I ran both signals into Rosie, and that’s how I can pan between the heavily ring modulated percussive signal and the one that is more bass oriented with a slower event rhythm. I am also controlling the bass line of the 259 with Pressure Points. For the melody, I am using Cloud Generator and running it into MMG, and Erbe-Verbe. I have the mod output from the Future Retro Keyboard Effecting the Spread parameter, which give a ton of expressivity, and minimizes the need to create musicality with the cutoff filter, which can get old pretty quickly.

After I tracked it, I added a small touch of Decapitator, Pultec, and Ozone for mastering. All these after effects were very minor and mostly were done just to make the mix translate to different speaker systems."


7. INTO THE WHITE - Verbos Complex Oscillator and Clouds

"An exploration of Verbos Complex Oscillator and Clouds. The offscreen adjustments are to Tides which is acting as a complex LFO on the Complex Oscillator. Rene is running the sequence, and is being clocked by Maths, which is opening the Verbos Dual Four Pole"


"A performance."


"Remember the scene in Tron, where the guys drink the energy? It's so Pure, MaN!!!"

10. While You Were Sleeping (The Death Of Reason)

"The Death Of Reason.

The first sound you hear is actually from my Minimoog Voyager XL (a MARVELOUS SYNTH). It's all patched up and vibing off of the LFO's, one of which is sync'd to MIDI clock.

The track builds in it's usual way, with me laying out a bed so I can do something cool over it.

In honor of The Death Of Reason which is occurring constantly in human society, I fucked it up on the Macbeth. Enjoy."

11. 2AND4

"A performance on Justin Melland's Eurorack Modular Synthesizer, and the Macbeth Elements Synthesizer."

12. Certain Angels

"A performance in real time on Justin Melland's eurorack modular synth, and the Macbeth Elements synthesizer."

13. RED

"A performance in one pass on Justin Melland's eurorack modular synth, and Guitarviol."

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